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I had to check this out about Cape Spears haunted bunkers when I visited Newfoundland on the advice of an AKC member who knew when a particular yet unborn litter of championship quality Newfoundlands pups were due and who I needed to see, at which kennels. Over lunch, I got the "whole story", if there is one, and sworn to by my host. Both he and his wife are well versed in the paranormal and knew of my interest and shared,the local lore, feeling they wouldn't be laughted at. Suppoosedly the "ghosts" of former aviators and soldiers from WWII have been seen in the old bumkers from that era. In 1941, two ten-inch gun emplacements along with passage wasys to connect the guns to barracks, ammuniation supplies, etc. It was constructed to protect St.John Harbor. The bunkers, tunnels, and gun barrels at a restored battery site.
I believe it. Did they mention the 'Bedford Riffle Range", CFB STADACONA, Halifax.

This is reminding me of a story i was just told about this summer, by one of our local farmers, him and a whole load of buddies were there, he (the one i was talking to), moved to Ontario from somewhere around that place.
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I incorrectly posted some sites that were not relevant to the exact topic aand should be removed and/or be relocated. I do apologize.
(11-30-2009, 10:46 AM)geogirlforever Wrote:
(11-30-2009, 06:18 AM)super.fantastik Wrote: I get to Canada every few years to see relatives...
I dunno where Ingersoll is though~
that website for that Inn doesn't make it sound like the Inn is haunted at all...& the Inn looks really pretty!
I wanna stay there. lol

Ingersoll is in Ontario Canada. In the County of Oxford, about 2 hr drive from MI.

This place is haunted, they can't seem to keep employees, their always hiring.

If you ask most Ingersollians they will let u know. It is a beautiful place, alot of mature trees, thru out the land. It use to be a farm house but then turned into a inn, the women was murdered in her home. I'm not too familiar with the story, (all the details), but i'm sure i can ask some of my friends.

Not sure if anyone's used this forum lately, but I work nights at the Elm Hurst (I've worked there for almost 2 years now.) the subject of it being haunted rarely ever comes up with my employees, however just tonight 2 people talked to me about it being haunted. Apparently there's 3 ghosts. One is a butler who wears a long black cloak, one is a little girl, and the third is a woman who apparently hung herself in the tower (the tower is not accessible to customers or even most staff.) anyways... I work in the kitchen(s) and so far I have not seen or heard anything unusual :/ however someone at the front desk saw the butler about 3 years ago, and a guy I work with apparently saw him recently. So I'm starting to get a little spooked since I'm usually working alone, but I was just wondering if anyone else had info on this. I just decided to research the Elm Hurst ghosts, and this was the only site I found.

I live in Canada and have moved around a lot. My biological father had a girlfriend who worked at the Banff Springs hotel and swears up and down that there is was a concealed room where a man was murdered and still haunts... There are actually quite a few ghosts there.

Also Fort Henry in Kingston, Ontario is extremely haunted
Fort Garry Hotel. There are rooms of variety of prices, not just high end. It's so cool and historical inside. Lot's of areas to explore. In the eastern southend of the building on the main floor just beyond the washrooms, there is a little store. You pass through it, go down some steps and there is a prestine, 50's style diner/cafe area. I hadn't noticed this until I needed to go to the washroom and cut through the side doors.
As for the hauntings, the entire 2nd floor is haunted. Most famously room 202. (I've talked about the Fort Garry Hotel before and have already added my experiences in other threads.) A woman committed suicide in room 202. Visitors to the room have reported feeling someone crawl into bed beside them late at night. It's been reported that blood runs down the walls in that room.

The elevators. Some have witnessed the lights indicating the floors, above the elevator doors, light up to the top and then rapidly shoot down as if the elevator is falling. John Leighton did some of the brickwork on the building. He fell down the elevator shaft when a contractor failed to properly block off the shaft. Some people have seen his spirit.

The dining room. At night, after dining hours, kitchen staff, when cleaning the kitchen and dining halls, have reported seeing a mysterious man eating an elegant meal. They would go and get the chef or whomever was supervising only to return to the scene and not find any evidence of a late night diner.

It's said that someone was decapitated in the kitchen sometime in the hotel's history.

An old haggish woman has terrified some people in the stairwell.

Another old woman is seen in the elevator. She's kind and likes to talk to people and comment on how much fashions have change throughout the decades. Then she will get off on a certain floor and disappear into thin air.

A woman in a white ball gown appears to certain people. Usually appears to people in a room on the 2nd floor but I've seen her in the lobby mirror.

There are more ghosts, I'm sure. All the rooms have a turn of the 19th century décor with modern amenities. There is a spa and a pool. Wedding banquets are popular there. There is a grand ballroom somewhere on one of the top floors. There is a fancy brunch they put on every week. It's a beautiful place.

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