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Coincidence vs. Unexplained
(07-23-2016, 01:43 PM)fldinosaur Wrote:
(07-23-2016, 12:22 PM)Nix Wrote:
(07-23-2016, 12:13 PM)Darkforeboding Wrote: Wow, what a weird coincidence!

It was really odd. Even after I envisioned seeing her I thought to myself hmm strange. When I saw her I was kind of spooked to be honest lol.

A lot of people think they have answers for everything but the fact is there are many things in this life, in this world, we don't know and/or understand. Coincidence to me means something happening without cause but how do we know that? Syncronicity, intuition. Are they really explained and understood?
Ever think of calling someone and poof, they call you? Ever drive up to an intersection and you have the green light but you slow down or stop (assuming no one is behind you) anyway and someone runs the red light? Know someone in the family is sick or dieing before anyone tells you?
I would have thoughts of something only to have it come true later. For 2 years in the mid 90's I drove a taxi. I owned an Aerostar at the time. After many trips to and from the airport I started wondering why taxi companies didn't use the then mini vans. Well.....3-4 years later, they were every where. I listened to a scanner while delivering newspapers (for almost 20 years). I would get frustrated for the cops who would have a suspect run into a neighborhood and disappear. They had a helicopter but it usually took too long to get anywhere. I sat there one night and wondered why they couldn't use something like the little quad copters to safely investigate an area. A year later, drones became big news.
We might not know what they are but things happen for reasons. If these things happen to you a lot (what is a lot?) try writing them down, chance happenings like you wrote about, feeling for something that happens. Sometimes links to things will appear.

Interestingly enough when I went to view new posts and saw your name being the last to reply I had a feeling you would tell me to write something down, no joke. Good advise and thank you.
Also, I hope you start visiting the forum again more often. We need more believers like you who can offer sound advise and experience.

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