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Places I'll haunt when i'm dead / where to find my ghost
when I die, I'm going to become a ghost because I want to, and this thread is about the places I'm going to haunt when i become a ghost (in case any of you ghost hunters want to come looking for me).

FIRST, here's what my ghost will look like, i'll be wearing the red cape and the bandanna. it's my trademark for youtube. I don't think i'll die while i'm wearing it but i'm pretty sure my ghost will still wear it. i read someone that it is possible for ghost to change their appearance. plus, that cape and bandanna are important to me so i most certainly will wear them when i'm a ghost. Smile
[Image: 2199zmg.jpg]

and here are the places I'll haunt (all the areas shaded in pink):
[Image: 20rp9bq.png]

^you will most likely find my ghost in Florida, near any place with lots of palm trees (i LOVE palm trees because they're beautiful, they are actually symbols of heaven too) but also in the Ohio Valley near the ohio river. or along interstate 95. other places are north carolina or south carolina. even though i never been to the carolinas, those places are still important to me, as i explained here:

ohio is another place i'll haunt too, the reasons why are explained here:

you might also find my ghost along interstate 65 between the northern end of I-65 and Lousivlle kentucky, near the field of wind turbines. i always remembered that place because me and my friend (who's probably dead because i never heard from him again) took a roatrip there a long time ago as i explained in this video:

Atlanta, Chattanooga, Louisville, and Florida are more places you might find my ghost... it's all explained in this post why those places are significant to me:

and Montana and North Dakota are other places i'll haunt because i took a roadtrip there in year 2014 which was a lot of fun! Smile
plus i loved Butte Montana Smile it was a beautiful city. it didn't have any palm trees but i loved the mountains Smile

If you're going to be actively looking for my ghost, it may be a bit difficult because i'll be floating all over those places at any random time. BUT you could send me a message on twitter or instagram or youtube after i'm dead and tell me you want to meet my ghost, and i could come find you. I'm 100% sure i'll still have access to that stuff. i heard of ghost picking up objects and throwing them and ghost breaking stuff (like poltergeist) so why wouldn't a ghost be able to pull out a cellphone or ipod and check their emails or twitter inbox?

it's even shown on American Horror Story season 5: and
i definitely think it's possible for ghost to do that in real life! Big Grin

and i better explain this too...
How I would die and Why I would die:

first things you need to know, I AM NOT SUICIDAL AT ALL... let me just get that clear. I'm 20 years old and i have autism (all my life but not diagnosed with it until i was 15 years old) and type 1 diabetes (since i was 12). most of my life situation is explained in this post here:

fast forward to now, i am living at home with my adoptive parents and they're supporting me right now but they are trying to help me get on welfare so i could live by myself. BUT there's a chance i might not be eligible for welfare. If that's the case then i would end up staying with my adoptive parents for as long as they keep me, until they either die or they kick me out of the house. then i would be homeless, BUT i would only be homeless for less than a week because without my insulin (which i would be too 'broke' to afford) my blood sugars would shoot up, i would go into a deep coma, all my organs would shut down and then i would die. then my body will be found and i will be buried in the cemetery as a john doe.

That's how i truly believe my fate will be. but after that, i'll become a ghost and my spirit will haunt all the place i mentioned earlier. worse case scenario, i'm estimating that i'll die at the end of 2017 if i can't get on welfare, BUT if i do end up getting on welfare i'll end up lasting much longer.

so that's that Smile
what do you all think?
will any of you want to come looking for my ghost? or do any of you guys have other ideas on places i should haunt? let me know Smile
I updated the map... added more locations. not sure how i'd get back to the Dominican Republic, but i probably could figure something out. the places shaded in purple are the place you'll be able to find my ghost at after i die, but that most likely won't be until a while.
[Image: a1nx36.png]
Morning Joe! Talk a little about your outfit there. Why the color red and why pointed towards sky?
(08-01-2016, 07:03 AM)Itheblaze Wrote: Morning Joe! Talk a little about your outfit there. Why the color red and why pointed towards sky?

i always loved the color red, but i wanted the bandanna to be pink at first. i actually did end up getting a pink bandanna but it didn't really match my skin color enough.

and i just added in the cape because i thought it'd make me look cooler. and i always wore my bandanna like that since i was a kid. im not exactly sure why though, but i mostly just didn't know how people really wore them.
Woah a whole map ehhhh Don't forget to hit a Starbucks along the way
You're gonna haunt places? I'd think people would be way more fun to haunt.

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