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A picture I took in my home
Tell that fake ghost to help u clean that real mess hehe
(06-24-2016, 11:08 AM)Marcus Aurelius Wrote: My wife and I had purchased a battery operated toy for our daughter. Every once in awhile when my daughter's room was dark and empty the toy would randomly begin playing one of the songs. It has two switches on it that have to be engaged for the music to activate. It doesn't have a demo mode or anything. When the doors to the room were closed you could periodically hear footsteps coming from the room even though it was vacant. One night when the toy went off I decided to take a picture with my Samsung Galaxy SIII. I upgraded to the S5 active and didn't use the S3 much and hadn't bothered to clear it off. I ran back across the phone while cleaning and decided to check out the contents after charging. There was an album titled "DCIM" in the Gallery on the phone. This was the only picture in the album.

Oh honey, you're not fooling anyone with that bull.
I am open to thoughts and inquiries.


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