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My story :)
Hello Everyone, I am writing to you from sunny Poland.

When I wrote this article, my aim was to broaden the topic, which I am dedicated to show you who I am. This is why I will start the article with the story of my life. The details are about my life experiences that took place. During the last 15 years I have been involved in the topic of psychotronics and parapsychology. I have experienced different types of ghosts, different entities, and knowledge from previous lives, dreams that seem like reality on Earth. I met many talented people that also have great parapsychological knowledge.
Lets not forget that knowledge and wisdom come from experience, and instead of illusions widen our perspective of perceiving the truth about the world that is around us. In this process we become more aware individuals that awaken step by step, just like a child learning to walk. But not all of us learn how to walk.
I recommend my articles to everyone who want to understand and experience something more in life than what other people say, and what is not always what reality is like and is a illusionary way of perceiving the world-a kind of mass consciousness.

 When I was 13 years old I started to be interested and feel energy even though I wasn’t conscious of it. I was learning Thai Chi and other martial arts. There are many technics with energy and the body. Not everything was very clear at the beginning. But step-by-step, when I was getting to the next level of understanding and discovering my parapsychological abilities.
Today I am 28 years old.

I can tell you my story trying to make it short so I can tell you more about other phenomenons.
I can see the outer and inner aura of people.
I am able to contact the soul of a person and try and understand the reason of the problems.
I can get in contact with spiritual guides because I am a healer and am able to predict the future.

I am able to get in contact with the spiritual guide-if he agrees- and help the person with their life map where their destiny is planned out.
I help people with awakening and discovering their potential and help to find the right path in life, I help fight life difficulties, like cancer in a short amount of time.
Lets concentrate on parapsychological abilities.
They are very much connected to the DNA of the soul and its energy and the structure of the physical DNA, which react to the synergies already creating itself in the womb. These structures of the soul and body DNA are formed so the brain and its parapsychological abilities can function on a deeper level. Many people have their DNA straightened thanks to cosmic energy clearings. This is why most people will be able to use their intuition more if they choose to.
There are many ways of being able to predict the future.
You can predict the future, enter the past, see your health condition very clearly and your life path, as well as the character.  
 Unfortunately most people use channeling, not always the positive one. The person can be an easy way of being controlled by other entities, which are very intelligent and could get inside the soul. The nervous system can be damaged and can be controlled fully or partially. The human psychological system can be in a different dimension, not always positive. They use the body of people. There are special methods that protect us from manipulated information and other dangers. I also teach safety rules of spirituality and energy, which is most important during the process.

I also work on personal energy protection from people with bad intentions, also paranormal world that is a part of this planet, but not everyone can experience it.
Several times I have met different people who have telepathic and telekinetic abilities. However it is rarely conscious as it is very much connected to emotions.
This is why we should know ourselves first. Our strong and weak sides, our darkest side has to be visible before we will be empowered by these abilities. We have to be responsible.
Why is it like this? These abilities are neutral, but using them strengthens the character of the person and his soul. This is the reason why it is important that the personality, soul and consciousness are integrated.
When two parts of our nature will be fighting instead of uniting, it will be easy to get in conflict that will go beyond control and there is a great chance we will get physically hurt or hurt some of our close ones. This could be an outburst of emotions, like a storm or thunder. These energies are very strong.
In the planet Earth reality, it is different than the old civilizations. I remember my previous incarnation, where dealing with energy was completely different than now. The DNA of people has changed, but the potential of using energy is still there. People use other ways of manifesting their power such as: guns, nuclear weapons.
Our DNA was created by ancient races that lived on Earth, so that the children –who are we in a way- can adapt the body to the soul. The material world is expressed through the spiritual world. People like me are here to help repair any problems between body and soul, also energetic attacks, which were not planed in any way by the individual soul.
We can create our reality with our consciousness, even though we do not have wings, we can work on them- we are a species that does not have gills, so we cannot swim in the deep oceans without oxygen. However we build submarines to get closer to the feeling of who we used to be in the past and what our environment was.
In this dimension we are divers in our swim suits, passing different worlds, dreams, abilities, love- we live and die learning our planed or created lessons, in this realm taking what we learned to other realities or to other incarnations.
I recommend watching the film “ The Adjustment Bureau”
Use this article as an introduction to our adventure.
We can experiment together and if you will be satisfied with the knowledge you can share it wherever you are
Those who know about different initiatives in the spiritual world, which are not always as they should be, will understand that not everything is in our hands, but we should keep trying and these spiritual guides want to cooperate with us. With my knowledge and experience I can explain to people who have not came across these phenomenon’s. One of the most interfered spiritual laws, apart from free will is giving others misleading hope and promises, which we do not want to fulfill. It is a way to manipulate and this really destroys the potential of relationships, so please try to not act like this
I have witnessed changes of weather by a man; I have seen metaphysical materialization and witnessed beings from other dimensions that could turn into animals and even talk to people who were not spiritually awakened.
Many times fate and time have been unusual for me, and after time I could understand thanks to trust and spiritual guides why it went the certain way. I could also perceive the beauty and understand it more.
The next articles will be more factual. I have recorded 11 films in Polish, which I will translate with the help of friends and will be able to share them with you for free.

Greetings to all and have a great day!
Not sure why you think posting a non-english video on a prominent English speaking website will garner you any followers. Your links will most likely be removed in accordance to the rules here.
Don't get me wrong, I am interested in what your talking about and I've sent you an email. Let's see what happens.
[Image: space.gif]
Hello everyone.Smile
In the nearest future i will try too record movies in english Smile.
I hope will be soon i will prepare the topics.

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