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Mumler Spirit Photography
Photographer William H Mumler was famous for his spirit photography in post-civil war America. At the time, his photos were widely known as small miracles, but his reputation soon faded when challenged in court by P.T. Barnum. Now, his work, although unique at the time, is explained by the process of double exposure of the undeveloped film.

Most notable of his photos is the one he took of Mary Todd Lincoln around 1869, several years after her husband, President Lincoln, was assassinated.

Even if they are forgeries, the photos are a good reminder that, even though they didn't have Photoshop, hoax photography was still possible. Now, it's just a phone application away. Even if someone were to actually capture a spirit on camera, would anyone believe it was real? .... especially since hoax photography like the Cottingley Fairies could be so convincing that even Kodak would swear the photo was authentic.
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