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A deeper look at EVP
It amazes me how evp is now suddenly evidence. How often do we see people claim one word answers? That problem is audio pareidolia. Back in my early years of investigation I myself thought I got an answer to a question. I thought it was a distinct NO, but after reviewing video footage it was gravel from shifting my footing. Now we also see people saying they are reversing, speeding up, slowing down cleaning up sound. This alters the sound and you can change what a sound is.

Now lets look at the equipment, the cheaper the equipment the more you are likely to pick up sound. If you take time to read many of these recorders manuals you will see they are subject to pick up radio waves. Now many things produce radio waves. We also see illegal cb radios will come across a recorder. Next we have radio and cell phone interference. There are towers that tranmit RF.

Cable tv when it has bad wires, or weak connections leak RF. Cable signal leakage can interfere with any of the over-the-air services that happen to be using the same frequencies as the cable operator and that are within the vicinity of the cable system.

Now why doesn't evp get picked up on high end equipment? Radio? TV?

Lastly recorders also pick up noise from the recorder itself as different circuits engage.

So while people want to think they are picking up the dead how would this happen? When we are alive we can produce sound by vocal folds, vocal cords and air flow. When we die the body is gone so we with no mass suddenly pick up radio ability?

Recorders are also pretty amazing at the sounds they pick up, growling stomach, noises from outside. People in other parts of the house. So why do ghost hunters want to believe the dead can speak ... but not hold a conversation?
Belief bias occurs when we make illogical conclusions in order to confirm our preexisting beliefs. Belief perseverance refers to our tendency to maintain a belief even after the evidence we used to form the belief is contradicted.
I don't understand why we don't have more EVPs, people have been using recorders for a long time (my understanding being that it doesn't HAVE to be a special recording device to pick up EVPs, if I'm wrong my apologies), but this is a recent thing. I grew up with recorders on ALL the time, my grandpa is a musician (old time music) and they recorded and video taped pretty much every jam session every where they went and never once were there any disembodied voices caught. He has been at tons of historical places and recorded his sessions, and wouldn't this music that was passed down through the generations be a "trigger"of sorts for spirits at these historical spots? Hours and hours, recording not just the music but also the conversations and never once was anything caught. If it's because the spirits weren't spoke to then why do people catch EVP's when they weren't provoked. Just an observation/discussion question.
Simple. They are so easy to create nowadays that most, if not all of them, are fake.
[Image: space.gif]
I have seen Don Philips on YouTube get some decent EVP's
One factor well worth considering is the very high number of devices in & around homes that produce RF (Radio Frequency) And thus potentially noise on other electronic devices.
Take a look at
Everything from Plasma & LED TV's, to LED bulbs & terrible quality power supplies & devices that use your electrical system to transmit signals.
If your home has what is called Protective Multiple Earthing, then any house using the same electrical transformer could load rubbish into your homes electrical wiring.
Strange sounding interference on DAB radio, FM radio even recording devices, is all perfectly normal.
Now add in the growing number of voice transmitters. Things such as Taxi radios & mobile phone masts etc & even if they are digital, noises can be inserted into other electrical devices..
It's called EMC.. Electro Magnetic Comparability.
Inserting a genuine & distorted voice onto a electronic device is not hard. Ask anyone who was involved in CB back when it was popular.
what about things like the Ovilus and the ghost box? how do you explain those?
Ovilus looks for changes in magnetic field & what is a radio transmission if not an elctro-magnetic field?
Also it's electronic, so is prone, like anything electronic to Electro Magnetic Interference. Especially if it has not been designed correctly or is poorly made.
The Olivius scans frequencies, but not tell you what frequencies the hits are on, yso ow can you know if it's interference or a harmonic of a legitimate frequency or what is termed a sprog??
Receivers sometimes mix what they are receiving internal frequencies to produce unwanted signals that are not really there.
Makers of radio receivers often thus inform us of what frequencies those unwanted sprogs will be on..
It is also worth noting, that unless you know exactly how something is designed & what exactly is it is designed to do & as importantly what it is designed not to do. You will never know what it is actually doing.
As without plans & a clear knowledge of exactly what is measured or recorded, how do we know it's not the electronic equivalent of snake oil?
i suppose that makes a little bit of sense. i have seen ghost boxes work in areas where no radio signals can get in though on some shows so, i think it may be possible.
(10-16-2016, 01:11 PM)Soapstone Wrote: i suppose that makes a little bit of sense. i have seen ghost boxes work in areas where no radio signals can get in though on some shows so, i think it may be possible.

Radio waves start at the spectrum also covered by our hearing down in the Hertz, they goes up through Kilohertz, Megahertz & onto Gigahertz ending in the light waves. So the fact that certain frequencies are not present, does not mean all are not.
And even if you do create a Faraday cage which isolates an area from external Radio Waves, it then possible to accidentally allow unwanted RF to exist inside of that cage, via for example electrical wiring, or via using things such as LED lighting or cheap switch mode power supplies which can & often do produce RF pollution.
PLT (power line transmission) systems, despite the claims of the manufacturers are not restricted to a single dwelling. They are limited by the nature of their own power & the buildings wiring design & that often means they exist beyond the walls of a single dwelling.
PLT systems are interference machines that can cause all kinds of issues.
Most so called investigators know nothing about RF or how the equipment they use actually work. So most claims relating to EVP has to be treated with extreme caution.

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