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My Fave Shows and TV...
I've been into the paranormal basically my entire life, since I was 8, and to this day the film that scares me the most is The Exorcist. Now I don't give a flying fig if it scares you or not, but the first time I watched this film I was 10, I was alone in my dark bedroom and it scared me to death! I still don't like seeing photographs of the character when she's possessed. I thought the Paranormal Activity films were pretty good, especially 1 and 3 but I like all of them for one reason or another...except this last one. It was just plain stupid. Possession of Emily Rose is a great film, and I know there are more but my brain isn't really awake just yet. As for tv shows...if it's about the paranormal? I'm gonna watch it. I watch Ghost Hunters, even though I don't really care for it, because it was the first show I ever got hooked on and once upon a time? It was a good show. Now? It's just crap. Ghost Adventures is pretty good, this past season just ended and it was a good season. I love Dead Files, I love A Haunting and am now watching Ghost Asylum which, even though they're a bunch of hillbillies, I find entertaining. They get some decent stuff but this trying to capture a ghost thing? Ridiculous. They should give that up.
i watch most anything that has to do with paranormal
and i also watch non paranormal.
I've stopped watching many of the paranormal investigation shows out of waning interest. Nick Groff's new show I can't watch because I don't have Netflix. All the other paranormal shows are just reruns from the last 10 years. Sometimes I'll put on an episode if I don't recognize it. Me and my daughter had a nasty scare with one preshow preview on "Paranormal Witness" that made us jump a mile off the couch and we both got upset. Someone in make-up did a good job with creating a horrifying face but not in a cheesy, try-too-hard sort of way that made it work and look believable. It was the one where a security guard was watching the cameras and this demonic face walks very close into frame and looks directly into the camera.
Anyways, I miss the older shows and Unsolved Mysteries with Robert Stack.
For movies:
I like paranormal shows that have a bit of a mystery to them. I feel like I'm the only one that like 'The Others' and 'The Sixth Sense'. I thought 'What Lies Beneath' is creepy. 'Paranormal Activity' I actually like because of the suspense. 'White Noise' I found terrifying when the hooded figures appeared. There's another movie that scared the bajeebers out of me when I was a kid. I can't remember what it was called but I remember a family living in a home. There was a scene where they were eating at the table and a light fixture, that looked like a mini chandelier, started swinging like crazy and then it fell and a young boy got cut. Then there was another scene where the boy was in bed and the camera then pans over to the window as if to show there was someone unseen watching him. But I don't recall seeing anything. My friend who was watching it with me at the time said she did see something and mentioned that it would have been so scary to have a ghost watch you while you sleep. Then I thought that's what she saw and I was even more creeped out. I just can't put finger on the movie. It was the only time I saw it. I think there's another movie, I may be wrong, but I remember it being called 'Highlights'. It just looked like a silly but scary movie.
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You're not alone Angelaura, I love The Others it is an excellent movie, same with Sixth Sense.
If we're just sticking with horror-type films, one of my all-time favourites is Disney's "The Watcher in the Woods". If you can get past the 70's hair and clothing... and if you don't watch the deleted scenes... it's a pretty creepy psychological thriller.

I also really like Trick-R-Treat. It had a straight to DVD release-- I can't remember exactly, but it was s'posed to come out around 9/11, and a lot of movies got shelved around that time. It's not an amazingly awesome film, but I loved how it was a film that combines several different story arcs... and each of those over-lap throughout the film. I watch it every year when I carve pumpkins (after my minion is asleep, since it's very violent and has some nudity). It's not everyone's cup o' tea.... Heard they were making a sequel, so I'm a little excited to see if that ever comes out. It's the same director who did Krampus, I think.... been a while since I talked about it, so I'm a little hazy.

The horror film I can't watch?... Event Horizon. Creeps me out. I dunno if it's the missing eyes, the implied gore, or just the theme of being lost in hell.... I can't watch it a second time.

An obscure "I thought it was good even if it was a B-movie" movie is Cube. Interesting concept. Violence and gore.

Other than that, I like Supernatural... mostly just seasons 1-3, though I have most of them. The Outer Limits. Twilight Zone. Tales from the Crypt.

... and there's this one episode of "Tales from the Dark Side" that just thrills me when I watch it. The one about the traveling circus... with the vampires, werewolves, etc. Can't remember what it's called. Last I heard, it wasn't getting released on DVD... ... but apparently, Amazon sells it now! I used to watch it when it broadcast every Saturday. Will have to buy it!
I'm having a real problem with this post as I ...well... I just don't find many supernatural horror films scary. I haven't been frightened by any Stephen King films (excuse me, having a hard time typing as my black cat is rubbing it's face on the computer screen). The foreign version of "The Grudge" is did find pretty creepy, but most films aren't really scary to me, they're really pretty formulaic although sometimes something will startle me while watching it.

The last time I really got scared by a film, though, I think it was in about 1972 and I think the film was called "The Equinox." It was about a group of college kids that went to visit a professor and find that he has a book about magic and Satan is trying to get it from him. They get the book and are being chased, first by possessed people, then by a sort of stop motion animation demon later in the movie, who eventually kills all of them until only 1 guy is left. At the end of the movie he escapes but is in an insane asylum where they take away his crucifix. As he screams for them to give it back you see an exterior shot of the asylum and one of the girls that had been with him, but was killed, is walking up the walkway wearing a nurse uniform.

Really as I remember it was a pretty cheap, cheesy movie, but at the age of 14 it scared the crud out of me and I slept on the living room couch that night with a Bible.

Subject: I have a black cat.
Believer: Black cats are bad luck.
Non-believer: It's just a cat.
Crackpot: Black cats are part of the New World Order government conspiracy.
Skeptic: I can test if black cats are more or less lucky than another cat.
Cynic: You only have a black cat to gain power and prestige.

(04-25-2016, 11:29 PM)Darkforeboding Wrote: I'm having a real problem with this post as I ...well... I just don't find many supernatural horror films scary.

I can attest to that. Although I mentioned Event Horizon, it didn't really scare me. It was just unnerving.

... by that same token... I don't get scared in haunted houses/mazes either. They're kinda like museums-- I enjoy looking at them for effects. I get more scared at home when it's just me and my imagination.

The Grudge and The Ring came out at the same time. I went to the late night showing of both... alone. I can't remember how well I liked the grudge, but I kept getting dirty looks because I was laughing out loud through The Ring. Pretty sure that's not the reaction they were going for.... same with Blair Witch, which I thought was silly. I think Gothika came out around then too. It was more a psychological thriller, but *sigh* modern horror just doesn't cut it. I watched the old House on Haunted Hill and it was creepier than the special-effect heavy remake.*gag*
... and the older one also had Vincent Price! I miss that guy....

Edit in:
Forgot "Cabin in the Woods"-- it's a great comedy-horror film by those Whedon fellas. I enjoyed it for the ending, which I thought was especially unique. It took my husband ages to convince me to watch it (I'm burnt out on sucky horror)... but I found it different enough to be entertaining.
jadewik - Trick r' Treat is a neat movie, Sam is a cutie for a killer lol, trying to get my son to dress as him for Halloween this coming year.

Darkforboding - I find it hard to find a real scary movie also, once you've watched enough you know whats coming, but at least most of the time they are entertaining. Makes me think of Cabin in the Woods actually lol that was a neat take on a scary movie premise.

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