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Dreams that come true
Now, if anyone would tell me what I am about to tell you, I would think they are lying. I think that is a normal response to what I am about to detail that I have experienced. So I fully expect skepticism and would prefer it... but I dream things and then they happen.

I am not sure how long I have had these dreams, mostly because I dismissed them as being impossible, lucky, random, coincidental for a long time or something that I overheard while sleeping, but at some point they began happening too frequently that it became harder to ignore and explain away. That said they are pretty dull, but they happen, usually within 30 minutes of waking up but sometimes later in the day. They are things that are hard to predict, things that will happen to me, things that other people will do, specific scenarios that are on the television or in a movie I watch that day, things in the news... what shirt someone is going to wear, or as one case had it, very strangely not wear when clearly a shirt should have been worn for godsake.

Other times it will be a tragic story in the news, like a house fire with a descriptive detail about how an escaped individual's hair had caught on fire following a dream where the same had happened to me. Which I do not think was necessarily a dream about the fire itself, but a dream about hearing the story of a fire and it's particular details.

Or once a dream where I was driving my dad's truck (not even old enough to drive at the time) and it ran out of gas and I was in trouble for not being more vigilant and responsible, only to be woken up early by my dad due to a sudden snow/freeze morning to defrost my dad's truck, which I left up mostly to the defrost component on the dash with the truck running, I was so tired I was just going to turn it on and go back to bed, but the dream was stuck in my head and I thought 'it would be crazy if I really did let that happen' and I happened to look at the gas thermometer and sure enough it was below the red line on fumes, so I shut the truck off and de-iced the truck manually, the whole time thinking 'what the hell just happened?'

Other times it will involve family members getting into kerfuffles, in one my brother's ex-girlfriend tried to break into his apartment through a window with an air conditioner in it. Only to have him stop by minutes later while I was making breakfast to tell me about the crazy stuff she had just pulled the night before involving that exact same scenario.

Then the next day it will be back to absolutely mundane, I will dream about a pizza and then my brother knocks on my door, waking me up, with pizza.

I do not talk about this to people in my personal life, I do not want to be thought of as a liar by people that I know or worse, delusional. I keep it to myself, because who would believe me?

And if they did, what purpose would it serve, does it serve? I cannot tell which dream is going to happen and which one will not, nor what small detail is not true, as it is never a perfect 20/20, so it is basically useless, but also hard to ignore as it happens quite a lot, every other night I will have a dream about something fairly specific that happens the following day.

I have heard that people with near death experiences sometimes have dreams like this, and I did stop breathing for several minutes as a baby... and almost drowned when I was a pre-teen.

I have heard others say these type of dreams are preparing you for these events... but some of these events are clearly manageable without such forbearance, like wardrobe choices of close relatives, well except that one time when it was a lack of wardrobe.

Others say you can do things to actually hone and improve the ability, but that sounds like nonsense to me... then again, I see the damn future, that is bat-stuff crazy too but it happens to me. How is that possible?

I read a scientific article once that tried to prove that certain events with a significant emotional response by parties in said event could actually ripple backwards in time. They attempt to display this by showing people pictures of regular images and then pornographic images at varied intervals while having their brain activity monitored. A large portion of test subjects would just before a pornographic image was shown have brain activity react in a fashion unlike previous images and in way that correlates to viewing a pornographic image, even though the image had not yet appeared. Which I guess was the closest thing they could get to a common 'emotional' response for a large group of people other than showing something truly horrific, which I guess makes sense.

What does not make sense is what significant emotion is there from being invited to and watching the movie Deadpool out of the blue for the first time and having a few of the scenes spoiled by the dream.

You can believe me or not, no consequences here, no fallout for me. Just had to put this stuff into type for once. I will say I have read stories like this from others about how they can do this or that inhuman thing or saw this or that monster and I have a hard time believing them simply because they say or said so. Instead I just think how easy it is to make crap up. I suppose I am a kind of person who has to experience it first hand to believe it exists when it comes to things like this, it is hard to know any others truth but your own.

Anyway, at this point I am rambling and quite tired.
You are not alone! I will say that there has been times where I have had dreams that came true. It happens quite often to me. The most memorial dream that I had was when I found out I was pregnant. I drempt I was having twins. I got my first ultra sound and found out I was having twins. A few appointments later the doctor told me that they were both boys. After he told me that I had constant dreams of having a boy and a girl. I even drempt of what they looked like. I saw that my son was an olive tone and was born with hair and I saw what my daughter looked like but I saw her at 2 years old instead of being a newborn. That part was weird for me. I ended up changing ob gyns and the new one said there was a boy and a girl just like I drempt. When they were born my son looked exactly what I had drempt him to be and my daughter looked exactly how she did in my dream at 2 years old.
Its not the first time something Like that has happened. I don't have answers because I'm unsure still. But I do have stories on top of stories.
This happens to me as well! It doesn't happen all that often though, so it makes me feel crazy! The biggest one I remember is when I had a dream that I was going under for surgery, and I had some wild colorful dreams while under anesthesia. I don't know how long after that, I broke my leg and had to have surgery to fix it. The dream matched everything exactly. Even the dreams that I dreamed about were the exact same.

Every time I say something to somebody they say something along the lines of "Oh, I've done that too!" It's super confusing because I know I'm not important enough to be any type of psychic lol.

~DarkGirl97Devil Smiley
Most people dream 3 to 5 dreams a night and often more, so roughly 1500 dreams a year. We also have false memories. So did your dream really come true? Was it a false memory?
Write down your dreams and date them, then you would really know.
Belief bias occurs when we make illogical conclusions in order to confirm our preexisting beliefs. Belief perseverance refers to our tendency to maintain a belief even after the evidence we used to form the belief is contradicted.

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