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How do emotions and attachemnts effect one's astral travel?

Hello' to All:

Please feel free to express your curiosity, insights and questions here.

Don't have any really.

If you have an authentic oobe and you've crossed all the stages where some hallucinations can enter, then... you're out of your body.

It's when you're still inside your body and is in the different stages before leaving the body that hallucinations can come to play and if you for some reason have fearful hallucinations the whole scenario might become frightening for you which can increase a negative hallucination and the closer you get to detatchment negative energies can be attracted.

Yes the physical sensations are creepy and for me they are actually painful sometimes, but I know what will come if I just breathe through it.

But once out of your body you are in full control, then all the human senses and brainwashed ideas are gone and you just "know", so if something "bad" is still around you know not to fear it and you know what to do. Ignore it.

But if people stop listening to fear mongoring people and actually learn about these things and try their best to understand it and practise it, it's wonderful!

It's life changing.
It's ... your whole perception of life and realities will change.

But, that is if you have actually succeeded to detatch yourself from your body.

If you're stopped in the whole hallucinations and you're having a "bad trip" and then enter a vivid dream state with horrible nightmarish stuff, then of course you're gonna be afraid!
But that's because you never actually detatched, you dreamt.

A friend described a bedtime meditation for experiencing OBE's. I was sceptical, but she says she enjoys doing this - describes flying.
I did the the brief meditation every night for months. Nothing happened for a long time.
One night, shortly after falling asleep, I was awakened by loud, discordant noises. Hard to describe... kind of like a big accident, but with some other indescribable sounds mixed in. I got up to investigate and walked out into the hall.
I realized that I couldn't see. Not black, but like a dense fog or smoke. I became alarmed about a possible fire, but realized there was no smell. Becoming disoriented, I reached out to grab the railing. My hands went right through it. I felt it, but it wasn't solid like it should be - more like the feel of a localized breeze.
It occurred to me that I was out of my body. It freaked me out, and I was suddenly 'sucked' back. I sat bolt upright in bed, fully awake.
I haven't done the meditation again. This sensation isn't for me.
I know the sceptics will say it was nothing more than a dream, created by the nightly meditation. Perhaps, but I haven't experienced anything even remotely like it before or since.

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