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Uber App takes over mans body
Accused Kalamazoo gunman told police Uber app ‘took over his mind and body’

Dalton told detectives that he believed the Uber app controlled him, and said he invoked his Fifth Amendment right to avoid self-incrimination earlier in the interview to avoid coming across as a crazy person, Moorian wrote. The accused gunman went on to tell police that a symbol appeared — a devil-like image with horns — and said it would give him an assignment that he would follow while seeing himself from outside of his body, Moorian wrote.

During the spree, police said that Dalton shot eight people — six of them fatally — over a period of four hours, during which they say he also picked up Uber fares. The victims included a high school senior and a 74-year-old woman. One of the victims who survived is a 14-year-old who was shot in the head; she was released from the hospital last week and moved to an inpatient rehabilitation center.

Looks like we need a uber exorcist now
Belief bias occurs when we make illogical conclusions in order to confirm our preexisting beliefs. Belief perseverance refers to our tendency to maintain a belief even after the evidence we used to form the belief is contradicted.

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