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Reading the Room
Okay so first of all I have no experience discussing 'paranormal' things with other people as this is something that I've kept to myself for fear of people thinking I was crazy. Hopefully this won't be too long to type out, I'll try to condense it.
Basically, ever since I can remember I could always 'read' peoples' energies. It's almost as if I can feel what they are feeling.
For example, I can be sitting at home pretty much content but if someone walks into the house and they've had a rough day I automatically sense it and soon start to feel it. It can be quite stress-inducing. The only time I feel 'quiet' or at peace is when I am in complete solitude
I can also sense when something is out of the ordinary or wrong.
example: one day when I was in high school I was walking from my car to the building ( a good distance, mind you) and as soon as i got out of the car felt that something was terribly wrong. Like really bad but didn't know why. When I walked into school I discovered that a girl a grade below me had shot herself in the head the previous night. Students and faculty were devastated and I could sense it as soon as I arrived on campus.
Does anyone know what this is?
Is there any way to control it?
Or am I just crazy?
No, you aren't crazy to have those experiences, although I don't know if what you are experiencing is paranormal or not.

I don't think it is abnormal at all to "sense" something, "have a gut feeling," experience intuition, or any of the things that people have labeled this. Some people think that a spirit or guardian angel or something speaks to them or if it is ESP or some other mental faculty. Other explanations are not supernatural such as subconsciously reading someone's body language, expression, or even the smell of the endorphins or hormones they have in their bloodstream.

I have had the same feelings at times as I'm sure others have. The explanation is a little harder to find.

Subject: I have a black cat.
Believer: Black cats are bad luck.
Non-believer: It's just a cat.
Crackpot: Black cats are part of the New World Order government conspiracy.
Skeptic: I can test if black cats are more or less lucky than another cat.
Cynic: You only have a black cat to gain power and prestige.

I think everyone has the ability to sense things like that, but not every body notices it. My thought is it probably goes back to survival and being aware of threats in our surroundings. Like with the school experience you talked about, everything was probably off, things weren't as loud as usual, an over all somber feeling, which is a sign of trouble or disturbance in the wild, like when you can't hear birds or insects in an area, it might not be noticeable consciously but your mind will pick up on it. And like Darkforeboding said body language plays a lot into it also, it's easy to tell when someone is upset or happy or angry by how they carry themselves, especially if you know the person well.
I greatly appreciate your replies in regards to this. I mentioned it to my mother and she told me my great grandmother would have similar feelings. I can see how it could be an advantage as far as survival instincts go but when it's intense 24/7 it can be a little stressful haha.
Again thank y'all for taking the time to respond.
I have met a lot of interesting people since I started taking an interest in "paranormal" which to me, finding people who can sense energy is fairly common at this point, i have hit a ration of about 3 out of 10 people admit to having been alone in a room and having a "sensation" of someone either watching them or not wanting them there.

I used to have a house mate that said her stomach would hurt if i was upset (like really upset), and this isn't the first time i have had people admit they could sense energy off me. I have a friend that lives a few towns away and i was on my way over to his house to surprise him for his birthday and i got a call from him just as i was nearing his house and he asked me why i was near him.

As far as energy sensing goes or empathy, its fairly common. and can be a positive and negative thing. I learned to turn my empathy off when people are just being stupid. but for a lot of people, that isn't a luxury. I have a few friends who can go into a party super happy, but as soon as they sense someone in pain, it digs at them until they can help the person.


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