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Reading the Room
Nietzsche is perhaps the single most quotable and, at the same time, the single most mis-quotable, of all philosophers.  For instance, he may have felt it was ‘impossible for individuals to be perfectly detached and objective’ but, at the same time, he clearly felt he was the exception to the rule, or near as much as was humanly possible. 

He was vehemently not antisemitic, writing frequently on the racist views or Wagner, but still often mis-quoted by Nazis to support their agenda.  And, while he is most known for writing ‘God is dead,’ he held Jesus in nothing but the utmost respect and regard.

He was also fairly misogynistic.  Dumb-arse.  I try to ignore those bits.

I guess the way to put it was that Nietzsche didn’t believe in relativism.  He believed in a higher sense of morality, and a lower sense.  The lower sense of morality was weak and incorrect.

‘The Gay Science’ is another of my favorite books of all time.  Geez, this thread is pinning me down as a complete nerd.  There are half a dozen books I have read more than once, and I’ve labeled two of them here.  I don’t agree with everything Nietzsche has to say, but I respect his opinion and I love the way he says it.

Incidentally, I choose to not acknowledge Maslow and his hierarchy of needs.  He was of the opinion that only the few, the elite, ever managed to reach the level of ‘self-actualization.’  And, conveniently, he felt he was one of those few elite. 

That sounds totally self-serving to me.  Contrast that to Tolstoy, who yearned to be one of God’s chosen but never managed to achieve it… or Kierkegaard, who struggled between his faith and empirical nature.  Anyone who says ‘This is my ideal, and yeah… I happen to match it.’  I question those peeps.

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#22's my things. I have like 3 notepads of posts replying to you, Mika. Then, I got to the end and saw that you said how we are clearly "at an impasse". While I agree that we are...I just wrote like...3 notepad files of posts breaking up my reply to you to make it more palatable, and I do not intend to just throw them away. So, I'm going to put them in the religion forum as a new thread, reply or don't. It's fine. hahaha

As I will have already posted in the the new thread, I've done a LOT of work on the philosophy of morality. So, I tend to play these conversations close to the chest. I do not ever intend to be offensive, keep in mind. I might be pointing out a bunch of things you said, but that's because I'm having a conversation with you, as you replied to me (you'd be surprised how many times people are like "you're singling me out", one else had replied to me...soooo).

If you read this first, I just want to put a book title in your head for you to check out, before you get into the meat of things and potentially not like me enough to take a recommendation hahaha.

"I, Pierre Rivierre..." by Foucault. You'd love it. If you like Kierkegaard and that writing style, you'd probably love it.

The post is HERE.

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