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Stick Man?
Hi, I stumbled upon this site resarching a strange creature my children saw, Maybe someone here can explain it? Here is what was described to me..while walking near the boat docks in our small river town, my 8 yr old son noticed movement near the water, he alerted the rest of the group, which included my 10 yr old son, their step mother and her two children, aged 6 and 9, they all watched as what looked like a black stick figure came out of the woods and ran about 10 ft to the river and jumped in. They all were terrified when they got home, and none of them had any idea what they saw, but all of them witnessed it. I believe they saw something, but i have never heard of such a thing. Anyone have any ideas as to what it could have been?
I've heard of something like that before on another forum.

If my link doesn't work search for "The black stick man phenomenon"

I don't know too much about it, but maybe the link could help.

There are many theories of it being a marketing scam or some such hoax. So, I'm not sure what exactly it was your kids saw...
Very interesting link, thank you.
I was peering out of my bedroom window one night and saw a black stick figure walking faster than anyone could walk. Even when it walked under a streetlight it remained pitch black in appearance.

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