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How it became haunted
Here where I live, actually across the street from me, my old elementary school building closed and was rebuilt elsewhere about 5-6 years ago. It was old, the bricks have the date it was built molded on them above the doors, I can't remember off hand but I believe it was 1912. Anyway it is a huge three level building sitting on a block by itself with a big cement pad covering what the building isn't covering and some of the kids in the neighborhood like to go there and ride bikes or climb the big metal fire escapes, it has a shed built on in the back and windows probably every 6 feet. I will start out by saying that nothing of incidence has happened in this school, never any reports of anything paranormal going on. Today I had my son outside playing and a couple neighbor kids came over and I was visiting with them, they had been over at the old school playing around, they were obviously spooked. Apparently it has started around the new school, they are 8 and 10, that this building is haunted. One boy had his hand grabbed by a ghost when he reached under the shed door, there is a gap because it is still maintained, another kid saw a dead girl in one of the windows where there is a bullet hole (obviously a rock was thrown btw), there is a little girl saying she had visions of a girl getting shot, they have seen things moving on their own in the building and it goes on and on really. I sat in awe at how all of a sudden through the rumor mill this building had become so haunted in the minds of these kids. I struggled about whether or not I should tell them that they are just stories, I ended up letting it be. I just found it interesting that there is now a whole generation of kids in this town that created a haunting where there wasn't one.
I understand. For some reason, if you go though stuff online about haunted places schools come up pretty often. I have no idea why.

For some reason people equate abandoned with haunted in some way and I think it's probably more prevalent with children.

Subject: I have a black cat.
Believer: Black cats are bad luck.
Non-believer: It's just a cat.
Crackpot: Black cats are part of the New World Order government conspiracy.
Skeptic: I can test if black cats are more or less lucky than another cat.
Cynic: You only have a black cat to gain power and prestige.

I have to add to this, I had my son out trick or treating tonight and as we were walking down our street we passed a group of kids 10-12 maybe and they were carrying on about the haunted school down the street. Now, apparently, if you climb the old metal fire escape all the way to the top there is something in the building that will try to drag you inside. I'm really curious how this story will progress through the coming years.

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