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Souls Do Not Exist
So the spirit can go in a coma? The spirit is effected by mental illnesses? Medications effect the spirit? now can you exist without a soul in your body? Astral travel? is that the soul outside the body? If our souls could move around why not jump into a younger better looking? healthier body?
good question. i will answer it.

The spirit is a "mystic" a conglomerate of energy. Our brain emits alpha waves and other magnetic waves. IT is proven that the brain is both plastic and elastic. And its influence is pointed in some direction. WE evolve from when we are little to when we are adults then start decaying with age. What i assume is that the soul is part of us by the body and by the mind itself. So the souls is a third part of us. Let divide it. In a healthy body a healthy mind exist or so they say. we can disagree now of course and with proof. but the fact is. a healthy body with a healthy and developed mind can exist and a soul takes the shape of its inhabitant as a pure form of energy. think of it like a bubule. like a small star that you see on the sky. it take shape of its original body only after the body dies. this is how i found Myamoto musashi after 3 years of devoted training to it and 2 hours of deep trance meditation in the search for him. he told me a sentence( a few words ) in Japanese all i could remember was a word. and when i google it, it gave me mural art. you can search mural art and its beginning on google. Ok if the mind its ill it will emit different energies and thus can alter the perception of the person in many different ways. I am talking about sociopath and psychopaths . I am not talking about schizophrenia or other even worst related mental illness . By being mentally ill you emit different thoughts and emotions that in time gather as sand into a mountain ( its a figure of speach to my best explanation )l.Another example is the body that takes shape if you train . any training give a shape to body if you dont you inhabit a normal body if you train it changes. The same applies with the brain. the more evolved it is the more points of views you have. if its narrowed thinking you just do things to the best of your mental sanity. The same applies with the soul. you can increse its power by meditating and activating certain parts of the brain. the more you train the more the brain starts to take shape and evolve. the brain its proven to be plastic and elastic. so it changes during meditation and when you use it for example when you learn.
All i can say is that i meet people with serios mental problems and they where all as posted above special. i just trained and with time i could heal people from small affection like a head ache or flu , including myself. i have not trained for several years because i started to drink alchool at an industrial level. now i stoped. and i will begin to train again. it is not so easy to fall and its harder to train because the fall is a depressive stance that you must overcome in time. imagine not doing sport for 3 years w.. will you do 100 push ups non stop again if you try it instantly.? i think not.

hope it helps and if you have more question please do so. i will be happy to answer to the best of my ability.
A head ache? Flu? yes easy to heal .... just let them run their course.

Lets look at your own claims. you see things when you sleep, its called dreaming.

Meditation... study meditation and hallucination. ....... oh wait that is proof to you.

These guys who say this will be dying one day, afraid of just disappearing and rottening, praying to God, asking Him for forgiveness and asking Him to accept them in Heaven, hahaha..... but if they don`t, and face death and disappearance with courage. then they`ll get my respect.
Exist experiment "mental traveling". The best for start is yoga meditatin callet yogic sleep - yoganidra. Free instructions are on the net. Exercise can be expandet on a visual idea of a journey.
After a time of exercises you could see actions on distant places.
No doubt for me, I have proven it by myself hundreds of times, but there is still a confussion between the words "soul" and "spirit", two very different things... the soul is our ego, and it can`t go too far because it`s made of judgements and heavy feelings, it doesn`t really exist, it is an ilussion, the ilussion of separation, and while we feel separated, we cannot connect with the external things... The one of the astral travels is the Spirit, the inmortal one, the one connected with the Whole, to live it, to be able to fly on it`s wings we gotta learn to get out of ourselves and see the things from other perspectives...

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