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Intuition of a skeptic?
My Bigfoot memories go back to age 9 when my dad became interested upon moving to Western, WA. Though I had no real experiences the accounts/evidence are interesting but rarely compelling. As a scout & later an avid hiker/camper I am always right at home in nature. For me the older the forest the more intriguing & inspirational.

Recently, afforded through my career, I am enjoying the opportunity to live among the big trees of the Cascade Mountain foothills. Almost heaven (even when it's raining) I try to get out most evenings weekends when possible. Still though after living this close to what is considered prime Sasquatch habitat I have had no appreciable experiences that have swayed me to any belief that this creature actually exists...unless the incidents last fall within steps my place count.

IMO: From a skeptic point of view focus and heightened awareness on a subject can definitely create bias especially in the paranormal realm. This means that you can fool yourself into thinking something happened that cannot be explained rationally if you are not also focused on the analytics and the rational explanation, the reality of what we know. The reality of knowing that out of all of the accounts I have read, heard, seen that maybe only a few (a handful) cannot be actually explained skeptically speaking. Those few are what keep me questioning.

In late June of 2015 my daughter came for a visit. She is a fun person and always a good sport. After dinner and moderate imbibing, late in the evening of a Friday night we went off the back deck into dense forest to do 'wood knocks'. After a few moments of dogs barking, laughing at yelling neighbors, etc. we went back in and called it a night. I incorporated subsequent 'wood knocking' on numerous occasions since then and throughout the summer, even reading up on (and employing) wood knocking, whooping and other communication techniques developed by 'experts' in the field. I can't say I actually believed but I thought it to be at least an attempt to make contact to ease a restless mind (for lack of any better understanding).

The first event took place in the early morning in late August, '15 after exercise I went outside for a breather and cool down. It was still twilight. Out about 250 yards to the NNW I hear a distinctive 2 wood knocks answered by 2 distinctive wood knocks at about 500 yards to the NW. These were also answered by another 2 wood knocks at 800 yards up the steep hillside. Then a 'whoop' from the same place (800 yards), another 'whoop' at the same place as the first wood knock (250 yds NNW). Not much. That was all there was. Now I don't scare easy and I've been through a lot in the woods (lost, wet, hypothermia, chased by mama bear, chased by cowl elk, stalked by cougar twice, etc.): -This made the hairs on my neck stand out straight, classic fight or flight feeling- VERY CREEPY FEELING! I went in at once. And then soon forgot as I went on with life. Off and on I continued the wood knocking and whooping at night just for seconds at a time though.

The Second event was early in October, '15 at 3:30 AM. I was up reading for some reason and was startled by a 'whoop' only about 75 yards, WSW from my place. I sleep with the window open most nights (even just cracked on colder nights) so it was loud. Right on the heels of the 'whoop' was a very loud scream. At first I thought Elk then Dog, then Coyote, then Human. This was not either. It was much too loud, piercing and much too powerful a sound. Then right on the heels of the scream was three repetitive four syllable yells (calls). These were not words, more like sung in varying notes and inflection (like: -re, mi, so, re- with the 'AHH' sound). Four syllables repeated three times in an extremely loud voice. The event lasted about 30-40 seconds. Again the hairs on my neck stood straight out!. This time the 'fight or flight' feeling was accompanied by the strangest feeling I think ever felt: it was a real sense of extreme and real dread! It still creeps me out to tell it now because it was so negative and horrific a feeling.

The third event was late in the evening in late October, '15. My wife and I were returning from a visit toward Seattle at about 10:30 PM. When we backed into the driveway there was this horrible smell. I immediately thought rotten garbage, then skunk, then death! My wife didn't want to get out but I finally convinced her to make a beeline toward the front door. When I got out the smell was worse. and after looking for a skunk all around I could find no animal or sign of animal. The smell was still very strong and then that same sense of terrible dread came over me again. Then the smell was gone and I went inside.

I have had no incidences since those but now I really want to look more because these have given my intuition and my belief in these creatures a real shot in the arm.
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