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The PseudoScientific Establishment of Parapsychology - Travel to Seattle
Lets talk about the krylon paint because others have brought it up and although not effectively they seem to suggest since the paint pattern resembles a krylon painting technique that proves the 666 marks and, upside marks are man-made. If its man-made, then it has to be hoaxing, if its hoaxing then its fakery and if its fakery then Keith is a liar, all done. All good. Everyone can go home now. That's UglyNRude argument. That's the argument or theory of a select few. Allow me go after that argument.

For the record I never heard of Krylon paint technique till someone else brought it up. #2 and this is very important and certainly for the record Tina and myself never painted on our walls. But a Poltergeist, a malevolent spirit might want you to think that. So I'm sorry UglyNRude it looks like you might have been taken in on the spirits bait and switch technique. Truth be told Poltergeist are notorious for painting on walls and the materials they use have been: Ink, Crayons, Markers, Oil, Pencil, Lead, Paint, Primer, Chalk, Ash and the more scary material: Blood. Last time I checked all of things can be found in homes throughout America, throughout the world. Including the blood.

You're not thinking outside the box when you think a spirit, esp one living in a home is not going to use materials readily available. The paint could have came from anywhere. The paint could have came from a neighbors house. The paint could have came from any one of the 5 previous tenants who lived in the house before us. All of these options are more plausible than the option you suggest which outside of the krylon itself you can't prove.

I always tell people why would we lie about 3 Bibles burning. As if one Bible isn't enough. These walls have been marked with 666 and Upside Down multiple times. 4 to 5 times I think. One time it was marked with ash from a Sage stick. We bought a sage stick, naturally to sage the house from top to bottom. Days later we come home to find that sage stick gone and ash written on the wall of 666, and Upside down cross. That's what spirits do.

You don't call an intelligent haunting an intelligent haunting because a spirit knows its ABC's. You call an intelligent haunting an intelligent haunting because the spirit is intelligent enough to be evasive. The spirit is intelligent enough to be interactive. If I have items missing. If Tina has items missing. Odds are our previous tenants do to. Odds are our neighbors do to. I'm in my mid-40's. No one knows how old this spirit/entity is. If its a spirit from the 1850's, if its a Native American Spirit, or Irish Settler as some of the EVPS SUGGEST then this spirit has been around 100+ yrs. One should not be so quick to take the easy way out when trying to uncover the truth. The entity wants you to think Keith and Tina did this. That's why there called malevolent.
case in point
Just a suggestion on your video where you say not for the skeptical and cynical you may also want to add not for those who use common sense and critical thinking.

I also question why we never see or read anything from Tina on any of this.
Tina has chosen not to be as open and as sharing as I am. We both have seen. Have lived. Have experienced the same thing our paths separate when it comes to talking about and sharing info. All the videos I've shared (some with Tina in it) show me taking more of a proactive step in documenting events and occurrences.

My use of the net is different than hers. Tina shops. Tina downloads recipes, plans trips and etc. The internet for me is a virtual library. Its a place to find information, most of it false. But find none the less. Its also a place to dump information..................and to learn and especially to share.

Tina can't stand the attacks, the venom and visceral that's associated with wanting to talk about and share an experience. To her its not worth it. Sometimes I think she's right.

If it didn't want you to have proof how would you have proof? It slipped up? It was smart enough to avoid cameras but not audio recorders?
That's the 64,000 question. We caught EVP's were they admit to not liking the IR cams. I think in a community where seeing is believing captured video trumps captured audio. That's just my guess, My theory and I admit I cant prove, that's why its called a theory. I don't think they're even speaking. When I say speaking I mean like you and me. None of us can hear this while its happening. Its like a dog whistle or something.

They are speaking, whether that's through vocal cords(i doubt it) or thought. That's what makes this thing so intriguing. Their whispers, murmurs and conversations is being captured on the audio recorder but it does seem they have a keen interests be it disdain or curiosity for cameras.

I have one voice recorder missing
I have over 4 video cams missing

compare the above-soundcloud audio which was April (January)
Listen 1:11 , 1:14, 1:23 , 1:25
"Its a camera, its a camera,...tsk, tsk, tsk...night cam"

there's something about camera's. IR especially.

I don't know. I'm investigating, combing and trying to figure out as well.


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