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The PseudoScientific Establishment of Parapsychology - Travel to Seattle
The WHOLE ordeal is a hoax. Even the visuals from GAC made it obvious. Red paint, human burned bibles, no EVPs, no visuals, NOTHING.
Awesome video UnR, hit the nail on the head.
Haunted House - EVPs Captured

[ Best to listen with headsets or ear plugs ]

Weeks prior to the Move one of my best female friends came over to assist with picture taking. She knows of the activity and has been to the house many times

EVPS BEGIN AT 2:03 "GPS" can you do corner shots a response of 7:50 "****". Right after my friend says yeah. "The Girl" at 7:59. "So Unsure?" at 8:06, 8:07, "Up" whisper at 8:31. 11:13 "Ah Sh**t" maybe Barb?, sounds like a male voice though. 13:40 a voice says "Yeah" after I say Yeah. 18:21 "Strong EVP", 19:03 "Chickened Out You Puss" , 22:06 "Yeah", 25:44 "Yeah"

EVP's were captured during our indoor and outdoor conversation.

The most startling being.

19:03 " Out You Puss"

the spirits in this home are always fond of technology (EMF, EVP, video cams, audio voice recorder, and etc)

Its amazing you are still pushing this woo. With so many pages calling it faked. get your movie offer yet?
and what about your scientific investigation of the paint in the form of 666?
Real scientific .... 4 people talking while doing evp work. Maybe invite more and you will capture more yet.
This movie is going to suck.
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Notice how he ignores posts? But i guess when your trying to impress others he hasn't time to read as he has so many places to spam.
I cant believe this is still even debatable. What specific question do you have? We can talk about the Bible turning pages video, but before we do you best review it in its entirety and listen to the EVP's. We can talk about the spray markings on my wall.. We can talk about witness accounts which includes SEP.

Choose your topic. I guarantee you wont like my answers.

I heard he was evicted of the apartment and new tenants have moved in and the new tenants haven't seen or heard anything out of the ordinary.
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Wow very interesting Vultyrez this level of dis-information you seem to occupy. You guys value and subscribe to miss-truths but ignore the truth from the source. I moved out of the House May 9th of this year after completing a 4 year lease.

My last day in the home is documented via audio and I have a written good letter of reference from the home owner. And you want to know why I have this?

I have this because myself, others and the home owner have been lock step in agreement in every phase of multiple investigations. Now I know it sours you to hear that. But like they say don't believe everything you hear and read from the internet.

My truth is not hard to find. truth vs innuendo. Truth eventually wins.


Move Out Day
May 9th, 4 years from the day we moved in which was May 1st 2012.

mic drop.


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