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:NEED ADVICE: (3rd person memories and Predictions)
Okay, I didn't quite know where to post these. So, I put them here:

First off, my out of body experiences is that I can picture myself from different angles, as in, I have a memory of walking home from a club, but I see it in third person, as if a birds watching me. I don't know if its normal or what but its weird.

Secondly, and more important, I can sense when bad things are happening. I know its common like when you forget something or your about to be tricked you feel the same way, but its different with me. I don't just feel wrong, I KNOW something's wrong, its hard to explain. Its just different. Im going to tell you my two experiences:

First, I was watching a movie and I felt like something was wrong, like, I felt like a killer was in the house with me or something. I was with a family, and they didn't appear to show any signs of fear.
Next day, a co-op a bit far from where I was had been robbed. Everyone seemed really surprised but I seemed to have knew it happened, and I wasn't surprised much. As if I had heard the news atleast 5 minutes ago.

Second time, was I was about to go to the corner shop, once again I got that feeling. I knew something had happened and that I should stay in the house. I went out anyway, to find 3 boys from my school cowering, very quiet in the corner shop. I looked at them suspiciously before buying my cake and heading home. Next day, they told us that they had been mugged.

Once again, I know this 'wrong' feeling is common, but I've felt the 'wrong' feeling before and I've felt my 'prediction' feeling and I cant exactly explain it, but its different. Help on what this might be?
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