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Weird noise/voice caught on my phone?
So, Lately i've been having a lot of phone troubles. Basically I'd call someone and the other person couldn't hear me at all.. Turns out all along the microphone on my phone had dusty ports which I had just recently cleaned out. My friend had come over earlier today around 3-4PM. Upon coming over I continued to mess with my phone, playing constant recordings and playing them back to see if I could hear myself in an attempt to fix my phone and hoping the microphone wasn't broken.

Well, upon fixing my phone I had accidentally left my phone on record, and it recorded roughly 4 minutes of audio. Of course I decided to play the 4 minute audio back. Within the first few seconds there was a really weird noise, sounding like someone is just saying a bunch of gibberish almost as if they were talking to a baby or something? I couldn't understand it. Upon the first time playing it I kind of ignored the sound not really recognizing it until about 10 seconds after. I looked up to my friend and my exact words "Did you just hear that?" he told me no, so I decided to play it back. As soon as I played it back I felt a chill down my spine and I looked up at him, his eyes were as big as pool balls (expression) and his face was solid white. It freaked me out and it really freaked him out, enough to make him leave. I left a small piece of his voice to show the difference in pitch and tone.

As for the background of the house, I've lived here since thanksgiving 7 years ago and I've never really noticed anything specific. The previous owner was a man from India (don't know if that matters or not, but I do know they have very spiritual beliefs) I don't know a WHOLE lot about him, but I do know that upon looking at the house before purchase, we noticed he had stacks of candles and ouija boards in our backyard shack. I've never really let it get to me at the time. The night of moving in, I recall seeing some lights throughout my house which had no source. I had seen a white strobe flash across the ground and up into the air down the hall only to disappear. I clearly though I was losing my mind so I decided to just kinda forget about it. Ever since then I've never really had any problems. I've had items go missing pretty often, as well as I could set my keys or my phone down in one area, only for it to go missing for hours on end and show up in an area that I hadn't previously been, and occasionally I do get a feeling as if there is something in my house, I have 6 dogs which is what is confusing because I figured they would sense something of sorts? I will admit my dogs to frequently bark at absolutely nothing but I have no clue if that could tie into it.

I wouldn't consider this a "demon" because I haven't had any harmful or physical encounters at all, but I have noticed things have been slowly changing. Fights in the family, built up anger and rage.

I clipped the audio recording seeing as how it was 4 minutes long and I didn't find or hear anything else on the recording. I've tried testing and doing some more recordings but I have had no luck. Upon recording I didn't have anything on, including TV's, Radio's, Music, or anything of that sort. I was simply sitting in my desk on my phone. Leave a reply and let me know what you think! The recording is posted below. (P.S) Lola is my dog, in which my friend is referring to. She's nagging and like's to throw her toy at you.


WARNING! This audio recording does have explicit language. ^^

THE ACTUAL "EVP" is from 0:04 to 0:08 and carries on even as i'm speaking.[/b]

How many Ouija Boards and did you dispose of them and the candles? You don't know what evil came through those boards or if the doorways where properly closed. Did you use some of the Ouija Boards?
I've used Ouija boards previously when I was younger and in high school, but I never had any experiences with them. The previous owner of the house took the Ouija board with him, upon actually buying the house it was completely empty. He only had ONE that I visually saw but there could have been more. I've been doing more recordings throughout the night and some today and I have come back with nothing.
My brother's phone had this problem, he works as a millwright and always carries his phone one him and something about debris in the mic caused odd noises I have even heard it when speaking to him on the phone. He was concerned about the noise, more worried about his phone being hacked than paranormal, but he took it in to have them look at it and they told him that was the cause for the strange noises.
I don't know about you but to me it more along the lines of someone just speaking gibberish.
To me it sounded like a malfunction, but that's me based on my experiences, try doing more random recordings and see what else comes up, maybe try a few different recording devices as well.

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