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EVP caught in my home during day
(11-13-2015, 10:47 AM)Sammee Wrote: It is not audio pareidolia. There is a "yes" that is being whispered in this recording. No offense to you Nichols, but I do find myself suspicious of the origins. It is simply my nature.

that is fine.. No offense taken.. I know there is skeptics out there.. I myself am still a skeptic.. I am trying to debunk this by trying to recreate the sounds in the room.. the swing going.. the question asked.. seeing if something makes that sound again.. if it repeats it will sound just the same.. but as of now I have had no luck.. I am going to have a friend come over and sit down with no one in the home and all electrical off totally and have him try some EVP.. will post what happens if anything.. I really wanna debunk this for my own ease of mind.. the one thing that gets me is how the "yes" comes RIGHT before I start talking again..

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