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First OBE(on purpose) entity
I have had encounters with shadow people and have had OBE while i was sleeping, so i begin meditation to try to control when i have OBE.

One day while meditating while laying down on my bed I entered sleep paralysis. I was blind folded but, i could see the room. It was a lot brighter then before and i saw big orange butterfly on the walls. Then I heared a weird clicking noise and then a voice coming from behind me saying "helloo, helloooo" I tried to move but couldn't look behind me; i just kinda rolled the in the bed, which i know sounds weird. I was then back into my normal body and could move.

I have heard that not all entities are bad like shadow people. I was wondering if this was normal and if i should be worried about it.
I never answer entities, I have always known not to answer by instinct. I have woken thinking a living family member or friend was calling me. Then realized it was the dead of night and everyone was in bed or that person wasn't in the house.

Not all the things in the astral/veil are bad but I would not answer something I can't see{what it is}.
"Studies Show...Intelligent girls are more depressed, because they know what the world is really like.....She knows in society she's either a Devil or an Angel with no in between. She speaks in the third person, so that she can forget that she's me." ~Emily Autumn
Was the orange butterfly saying hello?
Thanks for responding. The butterflies where in front of me and the voice defiantly came from behind me. I looked up the the symbolism of orange butterflies. Orange is a symbol of welcoming and butterflies symbolize transformations, so i think this entity was welcoming me in to the astral, but i think i am going to take the advice of Fair_Luminary and try to avoid entitys. Its risky to interact with them when i don't understand them or any intentions they might have.

I just want to explore on my own. Are there any way i could control whether i encounter enitys or is it a matter of just telling them to go way when I encounter them?

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