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Any information would be great.. through online searching im lost

I have been trying to do some research online and I came across this website. I am highly confused. So to begin this odd affair I am now 22, and I’ve always been I guess you should say observant. Im not claiming to talk to, seek, or anything in that manner.

I have attached a picture (if I can figure out how to) that I actually took when I was 18-19 in my kitchen playing hide and seek in the dark (I cheated and took a photo to see if anyone was in the room) the first thing I noticed was that the curtain on my window extended to the ceiling light. Well past concerns I know lock my door because it slams, like over and over again at night when no one is awake. So I locked it and of course the hello, knocking, what ever. Then my mom freaked out on me one afternoon because at about I guess 2,3,4 I don't know some wee hour. She swore that I snuck people into my room. she woke up to go to the bathroom and its right infront of my room and she swore up and down that there were 2 men in my room arguing and she thinks it was about me.. She knocked on the door and when she got no response she unlocked my door with the little key and opened the door,started yelling and then realized that I was completely knocked out and no one was there. That was forever ago now it seems like and that has been taken care of.

My concern was the now factor I don't know whether to be concerned that its gone now because of what has been going on, or if I should just be okay with it.

So I’ve tried to look up shadow people (that's where I left off looking because it’s a lot of conflicting information) I’ve tried looking up dreams everything.

I keep seeing this like 7ft maybe taller black coated with a hood like continuously anytime im somewhere I don't feel comfortable there it is. It doesn't scare me and im not wery of it but I kinda am because its not something I saw out of the corner of my eye. For example the job I have now someone died here, and everytime I go into the area (back room) that they did I feel it.. I work at night so when I have to go outside by myself (I work by myself) its there like watching. At first it was like kinda distant in corners, dark places, corner of the eye. Something that you would normally shrug off, like I’m just seeing things. It’s always in a dark place. I work at a towing company so we have drunk people banging on the glass at 3am sometimes. Then its like there. Plain as day I am 5 ft 7inches and I come up to like right above the bottom of the rib cage. Im not sure if its like a skeleton face or its white and looks like a Skelton face but not formed. Its not an actual skeleton its just what it reminded me of. Honestly it reminds me of my first boyfriend. Playing with my hair, looking over my shoulder, rubbing my back, whenever it thinks it scared me It does something comforting. My ears will I guess its called the white noise or something like I cant hear anything but there's a static noise and that's all I can hear. I can tell when it gets mad at me or doesn't like something that I do.. like its a bad idea, or no don't go over there, or even when its curious of what im doing like on the computer (its like he knows im trying to look him up, or if I talk about him he doesn't like. I think it’s more of he doesn't like peoples response because its ether yea I saw a ghost once, and he doesn't like to be called or compared to a ghost, demon, or angel, but he doesn't mind him, man, watcher, protector. it just depends on how the person im talking to reacts to it. In my dreams, or when I’m drinking and I see him and im being a smart butt Ill start saying I see you (and then whatever name I say). He hasn't liked any of the names Ive called him yet there not right. It’s like hes telling me hey that's not my name.

Occasionally one of my ears mainly my right will ring out, or my ears will hurt like its straining. But it only shows up when im somewhere weary that makes me uncomfortable, I feel like its just letting me know that I’m not there alone so I wont be as uncomfortable but then that makes me feel uncomfortable because I don't know what it is.

For example. Tonight it was about 9:30pm. I dispatch and the call came in at 9:27pm. I went outside to start the tow truck for my driver and I started it, got outta the truck, turned around to start walking towards the office and then there it was plan as day infront of me. (I thought there was actually someone there ) I moved back and said oh my god im sorry I didn't know you were there you scared me. (like when you accidently bump into someone) It was leaning forward and had its arm bent up at the elbow, like it was waving at me. Then when I said you scared me it disappeared like that wasn't its intention and it felt bad for doing it. When it disappeared I felt like I just had a boy come up and ask me out and I turned him and down. He was embarrassed and ran away real fast. I felt really bad about it. Then I started thinking about it and no one was there. I know no one was actually there. My right ear rang out shortly afterwords. I stepped out into the garage right after I came back in to smoke and I felt like someone rubbing my back, hand on my right shoulder (someone behind me) not intimidating but a feel like I didn't hurt his feelings its okay. He understands that he freighted me. Its been the same figure that has been the corner of the eye, not a second thought about, and In just about every single dream Since the other stuff stopped. I still refuse to be in complete darkness by myself (I sleep with the tv on, door locked everything.) I’m not sure what has been going on. I am sorry if I am bothering you or if you even got this far through my rambling but I hope to hear back from you, maybe get some clarity. I thank you for any input that you could me.

Ok so.. I actually made the avatar or whatever my profile picture.. the picture I was trying to post..
Though I am no expert on these matters I have my own guy. My guy I have known about since I was 9 though I suspect that he has been there longer. I myself have been developing hypothesises as to what they might be and one is because of the large amount of women who encounter these "men" I have begun to hypothesize that these beings are possibly pieces of our past lives, possibly even our first life. Due to that very strong bond they feel and overwhelming need to protect us and our souls. I call mine Jack, when I tell my friends why I say it's because of Jack the Ripper, but in reality that is not the reason I chose Jack at all. It was more that I was drawn to the name, like I had connection with the name itself, due to me never knowing it at least having batting connection with a Jack, I have assumed that it is due to a past connection that was quite strong for me.
I believe that the reason they become shadows and often somewhat inhuman is due to the fact that they have been wandering souls for much to long. As a soul is eventually to move on the universe causes them to become less and less human in form until they finally give up and go away. The only problem is they are only likely to give up if we stop living in other lives due to their unending need to protect us.

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