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I am seriously abnormal...!!!
10-04-2015, 01:18 PM (This post was last modified: 10-04-2015 01:30 PM by Dhyanu.)
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I am seriously abnormal...!!!
Hello there , I am Dhyanu Bhardwaj from India and I don't know how to tell you but I am an abnormal guy...
I sometimes get extremely angry that i do some things that are not possible for a person like me..I am a slim guy and my weight is 58 Kg. I don't have a strong muscular body..
What i feel is that my body is abnormal. I feel like i have a barrier in me which stops me to use my full power (abnormal power)..The whole time , i feel like normal people but when i get in a situation when i am emotionally hurt or my physical strenght is not enough to help me in a situation like a serious 10 on 1 fight , i somehow get so much uncontrollable destructive strenght...My vision becomes a bit blur , body remains unchanged but i feel like i can do anything i want...I can break steel locks with my hand , lift a car a bit , even damage a wall with my fists...Its like a monsterous strength..Started when i was in 3rd standard , a group of bullies from 5th standard started beating me up in lunch break..I started crying hard and next moment i was like what happened here , everyone around me was here and there lying..I tried to remember and understood that it was me who beat them all in seconds...I got few more shocks like that after that day...Few months ago , i tried to create a mind stimuli due to which i feld bad about something , i cried a bit , got anger and it was like it is unlimited...With my conciousness still present , i tested my strenght and thought in my mind was that i will destroy everything...I punched the wall so hard that it got a minor crack and a really loud boom type noice with some echo..I felt no pain in hand...What i realized till now is :-
I have uncontrollable strenght
I feel no pain in state , even though my leg bone cracked once and i felt no pain until my anger went away..
I can run 5 times faster than my normal speed..I am already faster than others with my normal speed.
I feel like something is inside me and when it triggers , i get power to deal with the situation.

What i hate is that more strenght i use in that state , more internal damage my body faces..Everytime after that state gets over , all my muscles feel torn up...My lings and heart pains a bit and recently i had appendix operation and its cause was over stress on muscles due to which it got inflated...Though i recovered really fast , i wanna know what is all going with me...I have severe headache and sometimes migrane and vomiting after i exit that abnormal state...
Now i do have control over me in that state but i can not control when it triggers inside me..More i maintain that energy flow , more harm my body gets when i become normal again...
Do notice that its not an adrenaline rush or anything else , this power is beyond limits of any human and i know that there is some king of limiting barrier or something else inside me which limits the energy flow inside me and prevents full energy release..
I want to know what is this power and how i get so much energy from nowhere..Please help....
Recently i saw on internet that when someone uses more power thay his bodh allows , his veins stop the nlod flow and arteries continue to take blood to heart due to which after all energy from blood gets over , heart pumps no more blood and pumps empty due to which person faints until his blood flow gets normal...In my case , i continue the strenght for long time and still i have no faint like situations..While i was in hospital for my appendix operation , i discussed this issue about heart and blood flow and doctor said yhay it can only be possible if i somehow do anaerobic respiration due to which my muscles pain later but till then i get energy created from anaerobic respiration...If true , there is other puzzle , energy is much more then a normal human , how do anaerobic respiration creates so much energy...Its surely abnormal with my body and i want to know more...
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