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Herbal Grimoire
Found this website, I don't know if anyone else was familiar with it or not but it seems to e helpful when finding herbs and their uses in magical practices.
I would not suggest this list, poison items being marked as good to clean ritual tools? ACONITE is super poisonous, but good luck getting it. Other poisons like PENNYROYAL{used also for inducing abortions in old times, Nirvana has a song about pennyroyal tea} and COWSLIP are not marked as poison{which they can be}. I also feel a note should be made on apple seeds and many other fruit seeds contain amygdalin which is a cyanide poison{don't eat alot of apple seeds-people have died} Foxglove is Digitalis which I suggest caution as it was used for a long time as heart medicine{its vert strong-been replaced with nitrostat I think? Also can be poison}. Many people are Allergic to Musk and I have known people to react to Sweet Grass. I could keep going but hopefully you get my point.

Most herb lore I have bothered with is connected to protection and salves, German and Irish are the core examples for this. While I cannot speak for the entire list things like Frankincense are also known as Bahkoor which is said to help against Djinn. Apple are the fruit of fae. Juniper berries were worn at times by highland women for protection, burnt at yule for purification. Elder is a favorite of the fae, elder tea is very good for colds and the immune system{also very tasty}. Dandelion Root is a good for grounding, it can be used as a tea{but its bleh to drink} . Slippery elm is good for drawing poisons out. I think it was Velarian root I once encountered my friends kid had a science kit on the digestive track, you put this bread and powder with some vinegar in a balloon{stomach}. And it made "poop" well the powder stunk bad, but when it was hydrated-lets just say it went straight outside to the trash bin. I would never bathe in the stuff as it recommends.

There are definitely things missing from the ones I know, so I imagine things are missing from the ones I do not/have never bothered with. My biggest suggestion is research, Research, RESEARCH! The internet is riddled with inaccurate information. Practice all you want but don't trust a website listing/single source with your health.
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