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What I saw, I can only call shadowpeople

I'm from Finland and I had a shadowpeople experience a couple of days ago. It's my first one, but I've seen weird lights in sky. More of them later.

Anyway, I was visiting my parents' cottage place. It's by a lake and does have some forest.

One night, which was already very dark (late Summer), I needed to go out to bushes like we men do. Close to the cottage lies another building, about 30 yards away. It has electric light on the wall. I saw some movement in the corner of my eye, and turned my head...

I saw a small, about 45 inches tall black figure running on the path next to that building. It was totally dark and its profile was sharp, not smoke, and it looked like a young boy figure. I didn't see its hair waving. It looked like it had tight clothes. I mean it didn't have any appendages swinging Big Grin Just arms, legs and a head.

There's trees next to that building, and suddenly the shadow figure jump towards one of them, grabbed it and climbed up the trunk very, very fast. It took only around one second for it to reach the tree foliage and then I didn't see the shadow any more.

It didn't really scare me, but I mentioned about it to a friend who was sleeping in the cottage. He was awake, at least a bit, and mumbled something. In the morning I kept shut. Never told about my experience with that shadow to my parents.

I've seen UFOs a few times. Latest one happened in 1993. A bright ball of light moved in weird patterns and also fully stopped at times. I really do not remember my earliest experience with UFOs, but my cousin does. He told me one day, that we used to sit on bedside at our grandparents' home and watch UFOs flying over fields next to house, where we used to stay for a month every Summer back in the day in 1970s-1980s.

I didn't see any light when I saw that shadow figure.
By the way, I do not know, if someone's died at the cottage area. Thinking about this made me wonder if a boy has drowned in lake...

Another thing I've thought about is that this shadow creature is from another dimension. But it still climbed that tree!

Oh, and there was no any kind of sound coming from shadow or it running and climbing.
Interesting story. Odd there was no sound.
Aliens...definitely aliens.
Not to sound suspicious, stuff or try to sound like it wouldn't be possible sense there are many galaxies other then our own that we haven't investigated but sense we both are in Finland have you considired nothern lights, Sense they sometimes come to even the parts where they normally don't show up. It tends to be only for a few seconds so you might not notice it being nothern lights always anyway. But shadows I have seen as people looking so, that I can't tell you anything else

"To play a wrong note is insignificant, To play without passion is inexcusable" ~ Ludvig van Beethoven

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