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Mini Shadow Creatures
Last night I was lying in my bed playing on my phone until like 3 in the morning. I put my phone down about to go to sleep. Usually I have a hard time falling asleep but I fell asleep almost instantly and started dreaming immediately. In my dream, I knew I was dreaming and I knew that all the people in my dream were not real, but only dream versions of themselves. The dream version of my sister and brother told me I couldn't leave the dream. I tried to fall asleep in my dream to see if I'd wake up in real life but I couldn't wake up and I was screaming and rolling around trying to wake myself up but I couldn't do it. Finally I woke up and I hadn't moved at all from the position I fell asleep in. I looked over to my wall and on my wall I have a bunch of pictures taped up of me and my past friends and family members. My bed is right up next to the wall so the pictures are very close to me. Then from the crack of my bed I see a little shadow man thing crawl up from the side of my bed, did this weird summer sault thing and sucked himself into the peoples faces in my pictures. The shadow man was like four inches tall and it looked like a legit shadow. it wasnt 3D or anything it was flat, like shadows are. then another one came from the side of my bed and started to do the same thing but i got this awful chilling feeling and grabbed my phone so i could leave. but as soon as i reached for my phone a white light came from behind my head and shot across the room very fast. the light was like the size of a penny. i ran out of the room and slept downstairs. a few things to keep in mind, I have a window with big dark curtains over it and the only light you can see is the moon light coming from behind the curtains. other than that it is very dark. I also know I was very much awake. I checked the time on my phone right after I left the room and it was 3:23. what could this have been? please feel free to ask questions, ill be more then happy to answer them so I can figure this out Sad
It sounds to me like your dreaming self fell through time a bit. This can be an odd and disconcerting experience. I'll venture a guess that you have some latent psychic abilities that are probably just beginning to manifest themselves.

What you saw were parasites. Their only purpose is to scare you and feed off your energy. What probably happened is that these parasites (often, especially when small, they travel in two, threes, or packs) hijacked your dreaming self. It is like a small possession (or a dress rehearsal for full possession, but only when a more powerful entity is involved).

What happened is you travelled through several layers of dreaming consciousness, so much so that your sense of reality became distorted. It is why you could not wake up and felt discombobulated when you did and then you experienced these mischief makers at work (i.e. doing whatever would scare you the most).

The main problem you face now (and don't take this as blame, your reaction was totally understandable) is re-claiming your space, which you vacated. But this should not be too difficult. How do you get rid of parasites? You clean and make the environment inhospitable.

Judging by the fact that they presented themselves as melting into pics of those close to you, but not you, means you have one degree of separation to work within. Your space needs to become a holy place. What I mean by this is clean your room, first off, then gather any religious or spiritual pendants, amulets, etc. and arrange them near the bed. Really anything you associate with safety and comfort will serve.

Lay a layer of salt, rosemary, and lavendar (if you have some) around your bed. Light candles, especially religious or blessed/magical ones (the kind you get at most new age shops, but any candles will do) and burn lemon peel. Also, sage your space regularly, but if you have no sage, lemon is very good. This will be a process, but keep at it and you will win.

Before each of these exercises say a prayer for protection and a prayer of thanks in closing. Also, hang a dream catcher above your bed and if you EVER have another dream like that then immediately get up and take a salt bath (just draw a bath, have a bowl of salt nearby, soak, stand, scrub your skin with salt, and rinse). I hope this helps. You should be OK.

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