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My Repressed OBE and The Invisible Child
Hello all!

Over the past couple of years I've started to sporadically experience paranormal events within my own, and other peoples', homes. I won't delve into too much detail, but I've seen an older woman in my house a number of times, a younger girl on three occasions at my own house and another house, and lastly, a masculine male figure/shadow whom gave off a violent presence at my bedroom door.

I am a 20 year old male in a family of five, and interestingly enough, only my father has experienced paranormal situations before. Too my surprise, in a conversation about ghosts with my father, he told me of a time when he was extremely ill as a child where he remembers flying in circles above his sleeping body. But he doesn't think too much of it.

A few months passed, and a dear friend of mine wanted me to come with her to a psychic to try and contact her mother who recently passed. I went along, and was instantly told by the psychic that my entry brought about a significant amount of spiritual energy. I can't remember everything she said exactly, unfortunately. I then explained to her the sightings my father and I have encountered, and then, with little to no thought at all, I began to talk about and remember an invisible friend that I had when I was a child. The invisible friend was a child with bad sunburns. I could picture his face perfectly. The psychic then went on to tell me that children can't make up portraits of what their invisible friends looks like, and she explained that it was an older man who was making himself visible to me in a child form. The older man was in the room at the time, and the psychic wasn't sure why. I was told a number of other things, but that's for another time.

Following this conversation, I remembered a time when my mother couldn't wake me up from bed. It came to me randomly during conversation with the psychic (much like the memories of the invisible friend which I had completely forgotten about). I was a child when mum couldn't wake me up, and this was around the time that my experiences with the invisible friend (who was named Jewey may I add) were at their peak. I explained to the psychic how I remembered my mother, the docotor and myself in the room during the early hours of the day. And then that's when it hit me. How could I be seeing myself lying in bed? The psychic smiled after I pointed that out, and she explained that I had an out-of-body experience. She highlighted that I was most likely removed from my body and perceiving the world through the eyes of a spirit. She also explained that it can make you more spiritually aware.

Is it possible that my out-of-body experience is related to my ability to frequently see things?

Is there any significance between my father and I having out-of-body experiences at roughly the same age, and then going on to see things from our teenage years onwards?

Could Jewey, my invisible friend who was actually an older man disguised as a child, be involved in all of this?

Why did I remember all of this when I saw the psychic?

I haven't gone back to see the psychic, and I haven't talked about this with anyone besides my close friend and the psychic. And there's always the possibility that there is more to the story that I repressed as a child. I'm still trying to make sense of what this all means...


I myself have never had an out of body experience, but I do look forward to the day that it does happen to me.

The fact that you and your father have/had out of body experiences at around the same age is definitely not a coincidence. Think of it as if it were genetic, if you'd prefer a more spiritual outlook on it then one could say that your family has been marked with this ability; you could see it as a gift or as a curse, that depends on what happens, how you use it and how it affects your life.
BTW: seeing as this runs in the family, be prepared when your children ask about it one day.

Often those with similar cases as yours (you are definitely not alone, I heard of a similar situation back when I was deep into this kind of stuff - just got back into it) may find that those spirits they see are either those of relatives or old family friends. See if you can draw a few sketches of Jewey, the younger girl (who is clearly connected to you, seeing as you've seen her in more than one place) and the masculine figure (regarding the last one, try not to see it as a shadow or outline, think of it as an actual person and then you should be able to see what his face looks like), then show the pictures to friends and family and ask them if they recognize them, that will hopefully set you on the right track.

Regarding why you had an epiphany when you went to the psychic: when one goes somewhere or does something, often the brain will try to collect memories and facts that are related to the current situation, hence why you so suddenly began to remember Jewey.

PS: if you look hard enough, I'm sure you'll find that those spirits are still lurking somewhere near you. Your childhood friend may very well be waiting for you to call on him.
Demons and ghosts, for all their intelligence and malice, often act like young children... young children with telekinetic abilities and a bad attitude.
Then of course there are the nice fella's; the recently deceased saying goodbye, that ghost that isn't actually trying to scare you, those apparitions that have been around for years and haven't done a thing to you. They're the nice guys, don't piss them off.
Hello Sam's a el'!

I have a clear image of Jewey in my head. He looks somewhat similar to me as a child, with minor differences and the obvious sun burns.

The old lady who supposedly lived in my house a long time ago looks like a generic old lady with a gleaming silk gown on. My most vivid encounter with her was when I turned over in bed and saw her lying next to me, facing me, about 20cm away from my face. Strangely though, she had a lot of makeup on to hide her wrinkles. She seemed like a 50-60 year old trying to look like she was in her 40's. But from other experiences she looks like an 80 year old. But I'm certain this is the same spirit. This incident in the bed is very connected to my father, who has felt something sink into the bed next to him a few years ago. When he turned over, expecting to see my mother, nothing was there... my mother never came in his bedroom.

The third spirit I've seen at my girlfriend's house and my house was a little girl with long black hair. I cannot see her face... but my experiences with her were terrifying. At my house, she's been at my doorway and floating above my bed near my feet. I actually couldn't see her floating, but if she was standing she would have been close to 7ft tall. At my girlfriend's house, she was standing at the bed, and then dropped to the ground as though she had turned into sand when I noticed her. The psychic said she's a very playful spirit, and may possibly be a child my mother gave birth to as a stillborn.

The last, and most odd encounter, was when I saw the man in black in front of my closed bedroom door (the violent presence). The psychic explained exactly what he was wearing, and she said he means bad news. I saw him grinning with pearly white teeth, holding a bloody knife, dressed in a black tight hoodie and pants. Now, the strangest thing about it was he is someone I know a lot about. He is a bodybuilder I frequently watch videos about called Said Shavershian. It was definitely him at my bedroom door. He has the same grin. But he's alive. Said's younger brother is dead, But it wasn't his brother (Aziz Shavershian). I know a lot of this sounds stupid, sorry, but it's what I've seen... This happened last year and the nights following I would wake up in fear that something was in the room... similarly to what I've been doing again the past couple of weeks.

This was part of the reason I went with my friend to the psychic, because I wanted to put some pieces together. The psychic got me to sage the room when I told her about him, and for close to a year, I didn't wake up anymore knowing something was in the room. But it's starting again.

I've only seen the psychic once, but I'm thinking of going to see her again.

Thanks again for the reply!


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