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"Empathy Link" With Satan
You really think Satan ain't the happy frolicking, fornicating, fool? He can't get VD. He's going to be thrown into the lake of fire one day, might as well let Lust have it's fill.
All of you people are getting off track. Who cares if Satan can or cannot get/give STI or VD?
Before I go any farther, I am Wiccan. That being said, I will tell you, go with what you are comfortable with. Do not go to a priest if YOU are not ok with it. That's not saying that the demon in your head is going to be ok with it. But, if you really want this thing gone, go to any and all spiritual healers you can find, no matter the faith. If one can't fix it, another might be able to.
Depending on the area you live in, this might be a bit hard. For instance, in my area, I'm the only Wiccan as far as I can tell.
Be strong, look up some spells/rituals to shield you mentally and spiritually from whatever is living inside your head.
May the light of the God and Goddess protect you and drive out this unholy creature.
These eight words, the Rede fulfil: And ye harm none, do what ye will.
(07-04-2015, 06:39 PM)Christina2015 Wrote: For years I've had a connection with the Devil meaning he's literally in my head. He talks a lot but lately he won't let me speak. Apparently he's sick of my voice or something. At first it started off romantic but for the past 3 weeks he's gotten extremely awful. I've been waking up in the morning to "Good morning skank." or he just wakes me up in general because he wants to talk to me about something. He literally is in control of my body. If he wants me to sleep he can make me tired and if he wants to change the subject he makes me forget what I'm saying. Trust me I know it sounds crazy but for the past four years I have done everything to get rid of his voice because I thought I was crazy too. Years of therapy, life coaching, every prescription medication for psychosis and bipolar (Yes and every mixture.), and the list goes on. I'm desperate to get rid of him because now I know he's about to take over whenever he laughs at me or anything I get the biggest grin on my face. Whenever he's moody I'm not pleasant in the slightest. And what really sucks for me is that I'm forced to think about him all the time. He's not what I expected physically or emotionally either. And he tells me things I have no business knowing at all. If you think I'm making this up just skip it alright. I seriously need help with this. I'm only seventeen and so far my life's in the shitter because of me listening to what he says. Please just help. Also I make figure 8's at random sometimes. I looked this up and apparently it's something that happens on Ouija Boards when an entity is taking over.

[/size][/font]I know this sounds insane alright but I really need help before it's too late.

Hi there,

I have schyzofrinia apperently but let me tell you something it isn`t. I can tell you who it probbably isn`t satan or the devil but it could be close. I started meditating and I had some things happening to me. Then I tried getting answers about what happend. I tried automatic writing I got in contact with an entity terrance. He told me after a while to leave but I was bored and he entertaind me. After I contacted him again he said do I like to know his cause. I started participating his answers before they were said and eventually heard his voice. That btw is how you practice thelepathie.

After this 2 other beings came throught confusing me whith their names saying I was speaking to the other all the time. After a while and some steps in between I could hear one voice. He did about the same and was terrorizing me quite alot. After I made him angry by listening to pryer of saint micheal I said his name outloud.

Now it is important not to say any demon name outloud if you have thelepathie. The name of the entity that started it all is Asmodeus. He is a king and he said to me a king of all demons. Now I know that it may not be the case for you.

How you can find out is. Just if he shows himself in your dreams sends and if you may have somthing he wants, what you may know yourself.

But be even more carful of satan. He did a lot to my mother. Even if Asmodeus causes you stress or exhoustian always rest. If you decide to stay awake he may attack you even more because you are weaker.

And if he convinces you he likes you he probbably does but not in the way you want or need. The figures 8 are him trying to enter this world and also inviting others to join him. If you continue with that more voices will come. You are now channiling an entitie that wants to take things. Maybe even posses your loved ones or you.

Tell me if you need to talk. I know all about ignorant and foolish people.


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