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Shadow creatures - animals?
Okay, so this is the actual reason I was looking for a forum like this to talk.

Basically, I seem to have this shadow creature following me about the house. I've only lived here for around 2 years, and my whole family have experienced paranormal incidents - however, this is nothing new as it feels like supernatural incidents and beings are always quite drawn to us. It may sound cliche, but my mother and I have always been extremely spiritual, and if I go on a ghost walk, you can bet something is going to happen!

Anyway, over the past few months I've noticed what I believe to be shadow creatures in the house. Normally I just catch them out the side of my eye, but sometimes I see shapes, and I believe it to be in the form of a cat or dog. Now, to begin with I thought it was my cat - I mean, he's a little black cat, so that would seem like the obvious answer, right? However, I see these creatures even when my cat is no where around or is actually sitting on my lap.

I don't believe these creatures to be evil, or anything - I'm normally pretty good at feeling out negative energy, and I don't get that from these creatures. Heck, it may only be one! I just see a tail, or the little four legged figure scurry back an open doorway.

My mum and I have discussed it, and we think it could be our old dog, Trixie. We had Trixie for almost 19 years, and we have always felt she's still with us. I think there's a chance it could be her spirit (she had black fur), or it could be perhaps the spirit of an animal that has passed on in my building. I don't live in the nicest of areas, and I think perhaps this little thing has started to hang around because of my cat, and how well he gets treated (like a bloody prince!). Also, within the past few months (since we started noticing it) my cat has started to sneak out of the living room and sit/lie/sniff at the bathroom - he never goes in unless someone is with him, but I constantly find him staring into it, at the ceiling or just into the room in general. Sometimes he seems frightened, other times just curious The bathroom seems to be the hot spot, actually - once when I was using the bathroom, I actually watched as the hook of the lock lifted up and opened (it's one of those hook, garden type locks, you know, the ones you just hook up).

Sorry! Super long ramble there! I was wondering if anyone has any advice or similar experiences? I don't feel like I need to get rid of it - like I said, it's not doing any harm and it doesn't feel negative, so I'm quite happy for it hang around (if it were to get aggressive, I would cleanse the house).

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