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Attached entities, demons and mental illness
I agree with niceguy22, i'm suffering with something, while i don't hear voices, i hear them as thoughts, i feel like my thoughts arn't my own. Like someone is picking for me to choose what to think about when i don't want to think about it. There all against my wants & desires, making me be hateful. I'v apparently have had demons,but there gone now. I have shadow people around me now so i been told & the thoughts still arn't any better. Been trying meds & nothing works! Been told it's all me & that it's something i'v manifested myself which may somehow be true as well. I don't really know,because i'm not a hateful person at all. Don't see how it could of manifested. Wether it's paranormal or not. No hard feelings are needed to anyones beliefs.

Everyone has evil thoughts. It's up to the person's personality or common sense intention to ignore those thoughts or just completely think them through proving the thought that it'll be completely wrong for you. This is human nature. We aren't influenced by outside forces or entities to make us think these things, it's 100% you. If you're not a hateful person, then why are you having trouble dismissing these random thoughts? Hmm? Just because you're having them doesn't mean you're less hateful. It's what you do with the thought that matters.

(05-28-2016, 08:45 AM)niceguy22 Wrote: I can say you're 100% wrong and delusional also, but I won't. Your probably the type of person that is a skeptic that has never experienced mental health problems or been in contact with a demon but like to comment on peoples opinions regardless. Also i am not really sure why you are posting on a paranormal forum if you think it's not even a possibility.

You are completely incorrect. I have been diagnosed with Schizophrenia during my adolescence. All these years, I've been learning and taking in everything about mentality as much as I can. With over 20 years of researching, I can conclude that as a skeptic to any outside force infiltrating your thought process is very asinine. Pose this question to thought-demons; if they are able to infiltrate you mind and produce these thoughts, how come they just don't take over your body? The answer to this is simple; because there are no demons intruding your minds. You're creating something out of nothing because you simply don't want to believe that negative thoughts are actually from your own mind. Sorry, but they are completely your own and no one elses. Like I said before, its what you do with the thought that counts. Dismiss or enact it.

I'll also tell you why I post here. It's to lay down actual knowledge and prevent those with bs answers from causing others harm. What's going to hurt the most with your tips and tricks is that by not accepting those thoughts are actually from you and are from someone else, is the doorway to more problems.
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