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Attached entities, demons and mental illness
The term "Mental Illness" is very relative, if I had to be the judge who decides who's mentally ill and who's not, I would just say, "that one who suffers, makes others suffering or isn't able to deal with this reality by himself is sick, that one who doesn't bother and deals with the world is sane", this would be very relative too, the diagnoses would vary on each culture. If you see how some people in other cultures behave you'd say "these people are mad", but for them we are the mad ones. If they came to live here, they'd have to adapt to our "sanity", and if we go live with them we'd have to adapt to theirs and deal with their reality. Also, if you were taken to an alter reality different than this one by some trauma or "force",, then gotta learn how to deal with the new reality, see what your real situation is and do the best to come back, and get the help you think fits better, a priest, a psychic, a psychologist or a friend, or all of them, try to make this reality more attractive and fun, so the part of you that isn't here convinces to come back. Most of mental issues are ways to escape of the unwanted things of this reality, but the others are always harder than this one.
Good point, nawal.
In North America, the list of "mental illnesses and disorders" is getting ridiculous. Apparently biting your nails is considered a mental illness. I read that in Macleans. Due to the fact that I've not bitten my nails in a couple years I guess I'm "cured", and I did it all by myself. No icky tasting polish was used.

The hero is brave in deeds as well as words - Aesop

Please all, and you will please none - Aesop
Ye I have been on and off SSRI's for ages and other meds to control/manage conditions and urges I get that can become uncontrollable. Have you had anything like this? any experiences with the Ouija board? What you and other members have said in replies is very down to earth and sensible, however I think as spiritual beings we may be prescribing medical 'solutions' to spiritual problems.
Yes I was put on meds when I was 14.

All too often they drug you up, numb you down, then call you cured. It's not their fault though. They're told what to do and have no choice but to obey.

I haven't really messed with the ouija board... just when I was younger, with other people, and nothing ever really happened. Except with that one chick who I knew was moving it herself. I don't really trust it because I've read it's common for spirits to claim to be someone they're not. Plus all those creepy stories don't make it any more appealing.

But anyway... I'm thinking you might need to read this. It's kinda long but I promise it's worth it
No matter how bleak or how hopeless, No matter how hard or how far
You can never break my conation, Tear the will apart from desire
Interesting article
(06-26-2015, 11:51 PM)nawal Wrote: Interesting article

Yeah I love that one :3

But then again... modern technology has shown us that mental disorders are caused in the brain. Like, if you google 'schizophrenia brain scan' it'll show the brain activity of a schizophrenic vs a normal functioning brain.

It's so contradicting and leaves me super confused
No matter how bleak or how hopeless, No matter how hard or how far
You can never break my conation, Tear the will apart from desire
It looks contradicting if you see it linear. If it's about "causes", then we can say whatever, you can scan any person there, see the brainwaves and say that it is "the cause" of his behavior, I also can say that "the cause" of t the mental illness is mainly the pharmaceutic industries, they earn a lot of money per each "sick person",, they sell him their expensive pills for all life long, so, they are not interested in finding a cure really, because that means to lose the client and lose money, better they invest in creating new clients, that's why they create new "illnesses" all the time.
There is no "cause" for the things, everything is because of everything, a lot of factors involved. I am writing this because a fish got out of the water billions of years ago, and if it didn't nothing of this would ever happened, but I am also writing this because my brain has certain electric bits flashing, and also it is because of everything else.

Thinking about the causes doesn't bring us any solutions, there are always more and more ca uses.

The shamanic point of view is much more practical, goes straight to fix the problem, this guy of the article got cured and became a spiritual successful person without taking any pills, it is not about "the spirits" as a cause, that doesn't really matter, It is about the results. The shaman doesn't try to suppress the symptom violently, but just guides the person back softly, the shaman goes to the patient's reality, put on his place and see the things from the patient's perspective, then makes a strategy to convince him to come back and show him how.
Yes i can say it's demons 100% for most mental health issues, before i started having psychosis i was a non believer. I started hearing voices as clearly as regular voices when my minds eye opened one day and then having blackouts followed by conscious lucid dreams where i was awake in which i saw jesus, demons, aliens and many other things and these would last for 4+ hours each.

I have recently made a thread about the tactics used by demons telepathically talking to people through opened minds eyes or what docors refer to as auditory hallucinations from psychosis. The tactics i have analysed can explain many things like anxiety, depression, ocd, hatred, god complexes etc. If your interested take a look
(05-24-2016, 03:45 PM)niceguy22 Wrote: Yes i can say it's demons 100% for most mental health issues.

I can say you're 100% wrong and delusional, but I won't. Mental health issues... REAL mental health issues are usually from physical ailments and severe stressed environments that one has forced to experience. I am 100% positive that demons are not the causes nor will ever be. Leave that to the fantasy world.

[Image: space.gif]
I can say you're 100% wrong and delusional also, but I won't. Your probably the type of person that is a skeptic that has never experienced mental health problems or been in contact with a demon but like to comment on peoples opinions regardless. Also i am not really sure why you are posting on a paranormal forum if you think it's not even a possibility.

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