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Shadow Creatures case.
Well this happens to me a LOT, I see shadow creatures but only for half a second, then it disappears. I see a variety of shapes, cats, humans and spiders.

What this means? It's possible to be attacked by a shadow creature?

(English is not my official language, sorry if my writing wasn't clear, I will learn more here).
Shadow creatures are often the result of not getting enough sleep. The phenomenon is commonly associated with jobs which require long periods of time without rest, such as the trucking industry. Truckers call the phenomenon ' black dog'... Because they will see a shadow creature resembling a dog in or beside the road. When the brain does not get enough rest it overloads the sensory perception... And it starts to make things up... So you can see something that isn't there. Most shadow creatures are seen out of the edge of one's field of vision. These sort of hallucinations have been associated with lack of adequate sleep.
Oh, thank you very much, I think that is true. I don't get enough sleep (Less than 6 hours). I should go to sleep earlier.
There are different opinions on whether or not the entities experienced during these altered states are "real," but we must admit that these are altered states. We honestly don't know for certain if there is anything supernatural to access during altered states, but I can tell you that the experiences seem real, and they can occur when people are awake.

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