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Myths of Legends of Manitoba
Manipogo and/or Winnipogo: This is Manitoba's version of the Loch Ness Monster. Manipogo has been seen in the south/east part of Lake Manitoba. It's described as muddy or brown, with humps peaking out of the water, with a head like a sheep. Winnipogo is seen in seen in Lake Winnipegosis, which connects to Lake Manitoba. There is debate whether Manipogo and the Winnipogo is the same creature. However, there have been reports of more than one of these creatures swimming together. Sightings have been reported since the early 20th century. Some say they are a very large species of sturgeon, and others say it could be a marine dinosaur. Much of Manitoba used be covered, deep in oceanic waters and Mosiosaurs and Plesiosaurs have been discovered in archeological digs. The most famous one here is, Bruce, the Mosiosaur.

Subterranean tunnels of Winnipeg's downtown: Apart from Winnipeg Square (an underground mall in downtown.), there is a system of a few tunnels in the Exchange district, that were used to transport supplies from the railways to businesses. Legends state that when a coalition banned booze, they were used to sneak liquor into the bars and pubs. One of these tunnels is still used as a "beer chute".

There is supposed to be a tunnel that goes from the Union Station to the Manitoba Club to the Fort Garry Hotel. This tunnel has been sealed up. Rumors say if you stand at Broadway and Main st., in front of Union Station, you can faintly hear the screams of a murdered "woman of the night". I take this as only rumor because Broadway and Main is one of the busiest, loudest and windiest places in terms of traffic of cars, plus the trains at the station are frequent. You would have to be there at 3am or so, when it's the quietest, and even then. Your talking about trying to hear a disembodied voice through thick concrete, outside. Plus, the idea that the tunnel was used to sneak prostitutes into the Manitoba Club is only a rumor. No one, except members and employees, knows what goes on in there. )But it can't be too secretive. I saw a job ad for a waitress position at the Manitoba Club on Canada Job listings. I never got called for an interview, though.)
The tunnel is said have been used as a way to transport laundry from the trains to be cleaned at the hotel. Others say there used to be a street car that transported passengers to the hotel and that there was a restaurant, barber shop and tailor shop in the tunnel.
These are purely rumors that haven't been confirmed.
A local historian says the there is a tunnel, but it was only used for supplying heat to the hotel until other forms of heating were introduced.

Now, this tunnel is still in use and is a good example that politicians, at least, understand how unpopular they can be. There is a tunnel that links the Legislative Building with the Vaughan Street Jail. This tunnel was made after the violent General Strike of 1919. Politicians were concerned about "mobs storming" the legislative building and were needing an escape route. There is a spiral staircase on the main floor, leading to the tunnels. Today, the tunnels serve a more mundane use; supplying heat and water to the building and the stairs provide access to tunnels for maintenance. The system extends to the Law Courts, Manitoba Archives, Norquay building, Winnipeg Remand Centre and Woodsworth building. The powerhouse supply to all these building is located between the Law Courts and Memorial Park. There were more buildings part of this network that no longer exist.

Magnetic Hill - Swan River:
People say "you can put your car in reverse and your car will roll forward, uphill.

Falcon Lake UFO Landing Site:
In 1967, a U.F.O. was spotted, landing, by Stephen Michalak. Now a historic attraction.

White Horse Plains Statue - Junction PTH 1 and PTH 26,
East of St. François Xavier:
The legend goes that an Sioux Chief was wanting to marry an Assiniboine Chief's daughter. But the Cree tribe came along and offered the Assiniboine tribe a rare, white horse, and so the Assiniboine daughter was offered to the Cree Chief to be marred. The Sioux Chief had a temper tantrum and went after the newlyweds. The Assiniboine Chief gave the white horse back to the couple to help them escape but the Sioux caught up and killed them. The horse got away and was seen roaming around. To this day, the spirit of the horse has been seen running across the plains. The area is now known as White Horse Plains in memory of the slaughtered couple.

The hero is brave in deeds as well as words - Aesop

Please all, and you will please none - Aesop
Very interesting stories! Thanks angelaura. Smile
'A phantom,' said my Uncle Mycroft, who had just materialised, 'is essentially a heteromorphic wave pattern that gains solidity when the apparition converts thermal energy from the surroundings to visible light. It's a fascinating process and I'm amazed no one has thought of harnessing it - a holographic TV that could operate from the heat given off by an average-size guinea pig.' ~ First Among Sequels, Jasper Fforde
Sadly just myths .... we even have gravity hills across the nation nothing but tricks of the mind.
The fun part is finding facts and truths about myths and legends.
Belief bias occurs when we make illogical conclusions in order to confirm our preexisting beliefs. Belief perseverance refers to our tendency to maintain a belief even after the evidence we used to form the belief is contradicted.

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