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Bird Men
I'm watching Ancient Aliens and they're talking about these bird men creatures that are depicted in hieroglyphs and stone carvings all over the world: Bolivia , Easter Island (birdman cult), Japan (Tangu), Inca's (Baracochu or Varacochu). (The spelling may be off, so I'm typing the names as how they are pronounced.) These depictions look like a man with large, featherly wings and , to me, they resemble angels, which makes me ponder whether the idea of angels came from these sightings of a bird man, or if the bird man or men are really angels.
Of course there is always the possibility that, just like how we have fictional stories, the ancients made up their own imaginative tales in stone.
If you are wanting to watch the whole episode here's the link. If you just want to see what I'm talking about, skip to 12:00. They are theorizing about how and why hidden pyramids around the world were built.
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No, I think they were bird men. Just as Marco Polo came across an island inhabited by cannibal, dog headed, people.

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