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Bram Stokers Dracula
Bram Stokers Dracula has to be one of the greatest storys ever written that went onto film.Vlad Nosferato or Vlad the impaler as he was known in Romainia did live and legend has it, he indeed was a Vampire.Peter Cushing the actor had many battles with Actor Christopher Lee in those never to be forgotton Britsh Hammer Horror films based on the story of Dracula.
Carmilla is considered to be better written by many and predates Dracula. One of its film adaptations, Blood and Roses, is considered the greatest vampire film ever scripted (but is apparently not good enough to be released on DVD). The vampiress is largely based of the legends surrounding Elizabeth Bathory, as well as some of Le Fanu's earlier characters and perhaps his own sister.

Also, Vlad Tepes was never referred to as "Vlad Nosferatu".
"I guess the battle between Good and Evil is sort of irrelevant."
I do love Dracula, it was the first adult book I ever read. (The Hobbit is classed as a childrens book so i'll ignore that).

I visited Bram Stoker's home and University in Dublin a few years ago.
It is a very good vampire novel, and draws from real life lore which I like.

In terms of vampire books though, I still prefer Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles as I just find them much more visual and enchanting. Shows both sides of vampires where as Bram only wrote about the lack of humanity they had.
"If you have ghosts, you have everything".

i have also read dracula and i loved it, it is the best vampire story ever.
Bram Stoker's Dracula is a vampire story AND a love story. Smile We are leaving out that it is indeed a beautiful love story.

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