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Candles attract Demons
What matters the most if what you believe yourself, deep down in your heart. Living in fear, which is what you are doing believing that these things ‘attract demons’ is NOT healthy.
I strongly believe candles and incense are GOOD. Candles are used in rituals of many religions, including Christianity, to symbolise light and good. Many of the other listed objects are also good, Dragons and music especially.
- sorry for the double post but this occured to me over lunch, the incence I burn (Nag Champa) is scientifically proven to raise moods: ( )

OBVIOUSLY the work of the Devil! Tongue
I have a book called "100 Recipes of Practical Magic" and it says you should never burn sandlewood incense because it is associated with the dead i.e. the Hindu religion and that will bring bad spirits into your house!
I thought the whole thread was very funny !!!! If its all true, im sure all of us are demon infested Mrteeth

That just reminded me of something funny. The other day i was going outside to the smoking area to have a cig. a woman that we call granny was sitting near by, she said( you know thats a cancer stick dont you?) I said yep, and just kept on walking,lol..... she is a funny old lady...

By the way, God is in my life, and i really dont know what that has to do with anything??? That threw me a little......

Demons can intrude on anyone.....
Pride and Fear always distort the truth into either a false sense of security or a lack of confidence and diminished self-worth.

Angel WIngs

Been using candles for my entire life mostly on and off and I have never had a negative experience save for a small burn here and there.

You believe what you want it's not my decision to make what you think.

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