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I know this is crazy but...
Hello, I just discovered this forum today, and I freaked when i saw a whole section on "shadow creatures" not because I was afraid but because of another reason entirely. I began reading some posts and... some of you have strange ideas about shadow creatures, although I personally like to call them spirits, as I have talked about them fairly often over the years. the reason for this being? I've seen them near constantly my whole life.

I've thought that I might be mad, of course, I've greatly considered it, there are spirits everywhere, not all the time anymore though thankfully, over the years I learned to block some of the weaker ones. No one else seems to see them other than the occasional glance, logically speaking they could be hallucinations, but I have mentioned it to a few extremely close friends, and they say that they've seen something similar. I know very well that it isn't perfect proof, but I doubt I could find any real proof considering the subject anyway.

Its different for me for one reason though, it seems like everyone sees shadows, flickers of blackness, or foggy black figures, but for the most part I see them fully defined, like I would see a normal person. For the most part they are in shades of blacks and greys, however, occasionally they have some splashes of very dim color, though in my experience, those were much stronger spirits in that they tended to never flicker out of existence, and often could interact with me in ways I don't really want to get into yet.

Often, creature is a better way to describe them as opposed to humans. yes, the most common form of spirit is human-like, resembling a shadow that unstuck from the wall and smoothed out its arms and legs to the point where they have no feet or hands, they tend to be a bit foggy by nature, but it is because generally they are weak and cant fully manifest, I see those nearly everywhere, though they are harmless as far as I can tell, I call them Shadowmen. However, for the most part, the stronger ones are not human in any sense of the word other then they occasionally have two arms and two legs.

Honestly, In writing this, I don't really expect anyone to believe me, but I felt like I needed to. Its the first time I've made something so public but this is an anonymous forum so.. it should be safe. I had to say something though, because this is the closest I've ever been to finding a community that might possibly understand this, maybe I can figure out why I can do these things, or what purpose it serves, I can go into more detail if you need, but I'll keep it at this for now, it's already too long as it stands and I'm barely scratching the surface of what I've learned over the years about them, I did grow up with this... ability after all. Hopefully one of you have some sort of advice for me, one can always hope after all!
Hello and welcome to the forum.

It's certainly sounds as though you are keeping these shadow creatures under control. What do you do in order to make the weaker ones go away? There's a theory that some people have an active "3rd eye" nerve and that spirits can tell who has it. Then they seem to flock to those people. It could be with caution though, because I was also told when I was a kid that spirits are just as afraid of us as we are of them. This could be why they go into a mysterious shadow-like form but not directly in our eye sight most of the time. It could also just be how the veil between realms works, too.
Try leaving a letter out for them. You can put whatever you want them know or ask. Perhaps get out of the house for a bit. Go on vacation or something to get your mind off of them. If they feel ignored than maybe they won't come around so often.
The hero is brave in deeds as well as words - Aesop

Please all, and you will please none - Aesop
its not that i am really afraid of them, but yes, as far as i can tell, they see me exceptionally better than they see anyone else, to the point where they nearly always stare. I have it all under control because I gradually learned that getting willful and angry at them, showing that you're not weak or scared, then ordering them to go away while throwing some energy at them, they most likely will obey, though I'm not sure why this is. However, Its much harder for me to explain how I block them out subconsciously, because I do not use anger for that. Its not really something I can properly articulate in words, I suppose its simply that I have a bit of energy making a wall around my soul.. no.. that's not exactly right.. although yes, usually when I am negative they come closer in droves, good thing I'm an optimist!

regardless, I am actually surprised, you guys suspect its a veil too! when I was around high school I got this odd idea that it might be a different dimension that is simply entangled a bit in our own, like the middle of a Venn diagram, string theory if you will. The reason I could see them is because I was more on their side than other people were, and that's why I could see them far easier, and they could see me. the reason why they are usually in black and white is because their dimension does not have much in the way of color. I have no way to prove this all of course, but I always thought it was an interesting hypothesis.

I want to know how that happened though, why it happened, what purpose does it serve for me to see these things? Is it even hereditary? no one else that I know of can see them besides a couple friends, and they're not as good as I am.

For that matter, do they only see us in black, white, and grey, and on their side, they are in color?
you know that's a very good question, I hadn't considered that they might see us as black and white too, I've never seen anything that indicated that they reacted to color so I cant really say, I suppose I could just ask one next time I see a really strong one, but i doubt that will happen for a long while. I've only met one that spoke back cohesively, it came out as English, but it said that it wasn't actually English, making me think they have some universal language translator or something.. not sure.. If you think about it, thoughts aren't always language specific, could just be telepathy, as I didn't see its mouth move. Strange considering I have met some that do move their lips to talk but the sounds were incomprehensible.
Maybe they sounded incomprehensible because the frequency/ sound wave wasn't strong enough. Like if you tried to speak underwater. The words would come out of your mouth but would be completly garbled in the surrounding atmosphere.
It sounded more like extremely rapid whispering, it was too fast for me to catch anything that made sense, but you might be right, not sure honestly, its really rare to see the ones that talk, and that was one of the few that made some amount of noise. I'd love to test it further but its not like these things just stay in place most of the time, they walk around, they're literally almost everywhere. I've only seen ones that stick to an area recently, you'd think I would see it sooner.
Has this happen everywhere you have lived or it's condensed in this one place?
I guess what I'm asking if you went to stay a few days out of town, would you still see them?
Yes, In fact I see them nearly everywhere, they're not really condensed to a place, though I know that stronger or more aggressive spirits sometimes hang around particular places that give me a bad feeling. normally I don't see that much inside my home unless they're strong, maybe only the rare Shadowman, maybe he's there on a dare haha! but there are a lot more outside or in public places, maybe because there are more people?
Is there anyone else in your family line that also has seen them all the time like this? Were you born like this? It sounds like your 3rd eye is more opened than average.

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