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I know this is crazy but...
Powessy, I have dealt with this for years as well, as long as I can remember, I am 21 years old. In my childhood I had nightmares every night, my mother said that when I was an infant, I would cry until I passed out every night, though I was relaxed and quiet normally during the day, and I suspect its due to the spirits, as I've always found it easier to see them in the darkness. I've spent most of my life alone, normally in thought, perfecting a skill, or studying. Often my thoughts are on the spirits, and I've tried to find these answers within myself for years. The only reason I even posted anything on this forum was simply to see if there were others like me, what they found, what they discovered, what knowledge they have if they existed at all. Its one of the only ways I can discover some of the answers to my questions, hence why I am here, and why I was excited when I first found this place.

That purple spirit is gone now, it didn't have a good grasp on me and I ended up destroying it, or at least expelling it, I am unsure of where they go exactly, so I don't feel these fingers that you're talking about. This group you speak of is the exact reason I haven't made myself or my abilities known in any way, up till this point anyway. I'm terrified of what would happen, there are a lot of bad people in the world, and I don't want to give anyone a reason to find me, I want a quiet, small life. I never felt like I was destined for anything more then that, or saw myself as greater than anyone else, despite these things I can do, and many more that I don't want to mention. If anything its simply something for me to think about, and experiment with, maybe I'll stumble upon something amazing someday and change the world, but if i do find something like that, I doubt I would make it known, Its too dangerous, and too much trouble.

I understand the dreams you're talking about having, as I have quite complex dreams like that myself. However, I must question why you feel as though I have let bad spirits enter me through that sleep paralysis, as I have had bad spirits attack me quite a while before that. The sleep paralysis experience itself lasted no more than ten minutes or so. I was surrounded by hooded figures and heard some whispering, then they were gone, and never came back since then.
Hello Stitches

I also remember the things you talk about as a child but I did not suffer nightmares, I always have had control of my dreams. As a child I would hide under the bed at night so they could not find me for I also could see them. I never had access to the internet till I was in my mid twenties, and I didn't have internet till my mid thirties so information about the things I was experiencing was slim to none. I only started asking questions last year after the things that have been happening to me have all been following a pattern and reason.

I am going to try and explain this but it is complicated so please try and understand.

First of all your soul and you are not the same person. When you are born your soul just becomes stitches. The soul has two parts the part that has become you(stitches) and the part that is you inside of you, the part that stores all your previous life experiences. Within this second part of the soul we also become our self within our treemend. So there is you and then who you are trying to become always, this requires many reincarnations to accomplish.

At some point in the history of man 450 million souls were allowed to become something here. The world soul objects such as gaia, are the mothers of all the living worlds. in the beginning the world soul objects could create life and these life forms would advance but the souls of these people and civilizations would just die and never become something again. They say this is when source entered into the picture and became something with these world soul objects to allow there life forms to become something again and again to reincarnate. Source had to mate with them and through this mating came the angels of those worlds, Each world has its own angels. The angels allow the souls from these worlds to become something inside of them to allow them to reincarnate only on this world. This connection insures that only these souls are allow to become something here. Each of these connections from source, gaia, angels and man are needed to allow a soul to reincarnate and become something again and again.

When this world was starting to become something with life the angels were born and started to shape life here. Life can be crafted from templates from other worlds that will become the home to those at later times this is such a world. Earth was crafted for another race then human.

Here is the problem then. The son of source came to this world to show his father he was capable of creating something wonderful and he did, man emerged through his efforts. At some point the people of this other world that were supposed to come to earth and become the souls of this early man but they never showed up. the son and gaia waited many many years and still they did not arrive till a point the son and gaia decided to allow man to become something here instead. They allowed 450 million souls to become something and that is all. This means that all other people on earth other then the 450 million will just die after death and can never be reincarnated. When a soul that was not been allowed to become something enters into the veil after death they will survive for many years but not how you think. when this soul starts to ask questions within itself it gets trapped within its treemend and just becomes something inside of itself and will stay there till it becomes nothing inside itself. Every soul that has ever been allowed to become something must become something at some time including the son of source, angels and man in life on their world. the son of source was suppose to be reborn to earth to become himself again but something was taken from him that prevented this from happening so he took all the angels from this world within a treemend and formed another world within himself, this is why nothing else was allowed to become something again after this time.

When the son went within himself with the angels all the souls of this world that were allowed to become something should have died and become nothing inside of themselves. Man being resilient and having the need to survive found away to get back into the reincarnation cycle without the angels. I am unsure the amount of the original souls that died prior to them figuring this out. What they learned is that they could find minds in the viel and move into them but they had to become something badly done. When they would find a mind they would cause the person problems with pushed thoughts making them look inside themselves for answers and when they did they could enter into that souls mind. If the soul was not able to become something again they would just become something outside themselves and move on. If they happened to land on a soul that had no body and had not become something inside itself yet this soul would get trapped within their treemend. A soul that was allowed to become something in it's many attempts to be reborn could collect many hundreds of souls within their treemends. They can connect to you from within your souls mind(treemend) and determine if you are a soul that can become something again or if it was a soul that was like them. A child still in the womb gives off another signal that tells them that it is about to become something and they would become that child then, they are not selective they just became something they were allowed to become something in.

So to answer your questions

A group of twelve came to earth and found this world without angels and saw what mans souls were doing to become something here and they wanted this power. You see with this information they can become something any where they want and in anything they want. They also found a way to become themselves only to pull your soul out of you in life and to become themselves inside of you. imagine never having to forget or to live forever as yourself only, this is the power they found here. All other worlds are protected by angels and would be impossible to do this to till now. They found a way to trap angels from other worlds and brought them here with a complex soul arrangement inside of them that traps their minds within themselves. They are masking and replacing all the souls that cannot become something just to find all the souls they need like yours and mine. They will do anything to find all these souls for they will become gods moving form body to body as they wish. Why sleep paralysis this is how they have to do this to knot the angel into you as it need to be inside you before you. The angel is inside it's mind inside your mind and is able to make you see or feel anything it wants you to feel or see. So the attacks that you have had i your life come form many factors as they need to attack you to get into you to find out what you are. The thing in the purple robe is the infected angel just playing with you he is not something you will beat with just thoughts as this is his battle ground. The angel is a master of imagination and thought forms he will allow you to feel powerful to keep you from asking questions about things.

I don't know if any of this will make sense but you can sit in meditation or sit with eyes closed and tell him to make a butterfly on your face or head and he will do this.


Powessy, I've tried very hard to understand what you're telling me, but there are a lot of holes in the reasoning you're giving me here, and this angel you keep talking about that is supposedly inside of me, does not do any of the things you are saying that it would. So I have problems believing you on this one, I'm very sorry, I don't mean to be rude or anything... nothing I have seen, heard or felt has led me to think there are angels taking over everyone's body. However, I have seen something once that I like to believe was an angel, It was a golden ball of light, floating in my friends garage, they knew about my.. quirks and believed me, at least a bit. My friend hung himself in that garage a few days after I saw it. I suspect that It was there to collect its soul, or be a marker to tell me that that is what was going to happen. I didn't know at the time, but it turns out that traditional angels collect souls to bring to heaven in the christian religion. I'm not religious, and I don't know where it took him, but I do believe that it was an angel.
Hello stitches

Do you ever feel anything touching your astral body? I am sorry for the complexity, but there is so much I would need to write in order to fill those holes. Look up the number of people hearing voices or being told they have schizophrenia and then compare that number to the amount of starseeds and those on all these other sites that also hear voices or are having experiences the same as you. I only know they enter during sleep paralysis and this is connected to many psychic attacks that soon follow this event. I also know absolutely for sure there are no angels on earth now other then the ones i have already described. I am sorry for the loss of your friend as I to have lost so many people in my life that have meant so much to me.

Please take care of yourself stitches and good luck in your searches for answers.

no, nothing has ever touched my astral body, and I don't see any other spirits, but I don't really take the time to look around, as I am always there for a purpose. I do believe that there is a difference between schizophrenia and what is occurring with myself, and have looked into the requirements for the affliction closely, but I do not fit the category for it. However, I believe that it is healthy to question one's sanity so I'm always careful to do research on the subject and think thoroughly about what I believe and the actions I am taking. As for that angel I mentioned, I have no doubt that it was that, I have not seen one since, and It was the only spirit I ever saw with full bright colors, and gold to boot, sure it didn't have wings or anything, but It's what I suspect it was.
I suppose I was hoping too much for this forum,as it has turned up rather fruitless, but it was nice to see at least one person that perhaps related to me, It gave me a little hope that perhaps I wasn't completely alone.
I think there are a handful of others here that are the same, or very close. What I do know is you and I became active again within a few days of eachother after months of being away. Odd way the world works.

And honestly speaking your words ring as if I wrote them. I have always held that Christianity wiped out much knowledge they didn't agree with; Or what was burned and lossed from the Library of Alexandria?
I think we are machines left without a instruction manuals. We can work the gears, but are missing some pieces. Like a multiple speed bicycle that the chain that can't run on all the gears without popping loose. Some of us still have a few of the extra gears.

What I have found is not everyone has the same broken gears. Like you I sense animals, specifically the feral cats I care for who hang around my house at times. But I have also always felt when people close to me would die{and physically die}. A year ago one of my ferals went missing, I told my dad something was wrong. He tried to humor me that maybe she got chased off far{cat fight}. It was 10 some PM and I had to get to work early. I found her on my midday break, she was hit by a car and had been dead a good many hours. When I had last seen her I had this sinking feeling that a moment had passed{a window to do something closed} and it was the last I would see her alive.

In my life yes I have felt alone no one understands the veil, and at times I have hated those who were blissfully unaware. I made a choice to keep less friends around. People can make me just as tired as everything else. And I understand my choice is selfish, because I hate caring about others, then to feel their death come but have no ability to stop it.

I wonder how many others exactly like me there are, who have instead shut down completely from the world. I feel there must be some. My luck is that the few friends I keep understand, and that my father may never make grand admission to it being the devout Christian he is; But he too recounts warning a few people about bad feeling he had at times that were right. And how my Grandmother was always so good at knowing other people. She told my father after meeting my mother{before my brother was conceived-brother born '83} that she{my mother} would not be with him in the end. My Grandmother died in 1991{I was 6} and though it took many years from when she said it, she was indeed right.

I digress, and this has become a great rant. But hopefully its uplifting and not the reverse.
"Studies Show...Intelligent girls are more depressed, because they know what the world is really like.....She knows in society she's either a Devil or an Angel with no in between. She speaks in the third person, so that she can forget that she's me." ~Emily Autumn
I find that my life is full of coincidences, whether that is what they truly are, or not, I doubt I will ever know. I do know that whenever I find that I think about a particularly negative thing, such as death, or on one event, a school shootout, something along those effects seem to occur, either later that day, or within a few days.

I often feel that I only have half the story about what I can do, and none of the why, and I agree, it does feel very much like being an unfinished machine. However, All I can really do at this point is to follow the feelings I keep getting about going to a particular place, whether that will fix my issue is questionable at best, but its the best lead I have.

Its nice that some people can relate, either through the feelings that you get when bad things are going to happen, or someone seeing some shadows when I see spirits. Thank you very much for your message as it does uplift me a bit, However I would not harbor ill feelings to people that don't feel the things you do, I am not frustrated at a colorblind person for not being able to see in color after all. I made the choice to let some people into my life, though I am very introverted, so not a lot are extremely close. I can understand when you say people are exhausting, I feel the same way when someone wants to talk to me very often, or I've been around crowds recently, I just need time to rejuvenate from all of their.. everything, I suppose. It is worth it in the end though, I've been able to prevent a few deaths in my time and create more than a few smiles and joyful days for others, sometimes I even think that might be my purpose, though I often doubt it. Regardless of my ramblings, I hope you have a nice life If you choose not to respond again, In addition, nice taste in music aha!
I could have written that a bit better. The times when I hated were when I was much younger. I unnerved other kids and for the most part we just mutually disliked each other. My problem more came because how I was treated by my own family{Mothers side}.
My maternal grandmother always acted like there was something wrong with me. I think she feared me. My half sister{12 years older} and brother{roughly 20 months appart} both would have individual sleep over at the grandparents night. Take to mind I was 8{a month away from 9} when my maternal grandfather died-so it wasn't that I was too young. She also came to a point she refused to babysit if I was there, but would if it was just my brother and half sister. I never got my dad to admit it but Im pretty sure any Christmas presents he bought. Never got any birthday cards from her until the year she was dying{my siblings got one without fail every year}. When we cleared out where she was living she had old photos of my siblings and things they sent her. Only a few pictures had me, Im guessing she kept them because my siblings were in them.
I feel both my maternal grandmother and mother held me partially responsible for the death of my maternal grandfather. In '91 I had tried to warn people of my paternal grandmothers coming death, but who worries what a 5 year old says kids are fearful. Well 3 years later I tried warning my grandfather{even though he was never really nice to me}, no one listened he died. I cried before he died, but not after which infuriated my mother. She connected the dots to what I had said. Not to say I could remember her as loving before but she turned completely cold and nasty to me, she couldn't even be civil to me in public. Any horrible derogatory thing you could say to a child I heard from her. One of the nicer ones and I mean that sincerely "You have no natural artistic talent"{I drew my Avatar}. Possibly one of the more messed up telling me she wished could sell me off as an arranged marriage to be rid of me{I was like 10-11 at the time}
So for years I hated her and my grandmother for hating me for how I am. I hated how my half sister or brother could have sleep overs at our house or the friends house, and I couldn't. She refused to help me get my drivers license{helped both siblings} I learned from my dad. Both of my siblings have graduation pictures, I got the 35mm{not a disposable} thrown at me. At one point she tried to run me over with my own car{as in up over the sidewalk had to call 911}. I could rattle off for days but I feel you should have a good idea of the division.
I was misguided I understand that. I hated others that they had normal mothers. It took me many years to realize I would never have a mother; and I could not hold it against others for the rejection I suffered from my mother or her family.

On a positive note...
A band I would also suggest "This Way To The Egress"
"Studies Show...Intelligent girls are more depressed, because they know what the world is really like.....She knows in society she's either a Devil or an Angel with no in between. She speaks in the third person, so that she can forget that she's me." ~Emily Autumn
FL, did your Mother start hating you because she thought you were a bewitched or cursed child or something? Did she think you caused or helped cause these death somehow? Was she overly religious or something? What a nightmare!

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