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Where do all the souls come from? LOL
The simple answer is: Not all souls are from earth. Quite a big universe and all the living things in it need to go somewhere to learn and continue their path.

And please try not to sound like you know everything. I like reading interesting threads, not internet bullies and such. Have a nice day.
Well spoken Paranormal Etcetera. Such bullying is counterproductive and causes discord rather than a harmonious discussion . When it is suggested that we see a common thread that could be expanded upon it is immediately quashed. I refuse to enter into a battle of words.
There's an idea floating around that there is a Source. To En, the All, if you will. And that all "souls," and everything else, for that matter, are from that Source and return to it. That's where people are getting the idea that separateness is an illusion.

If reincarnation was a fact, there wouldn't need to be an innumerable amount of souls floating around. The Source would be infinite.

If you study the occult, you'll come across Hermeticism, pantheism, panentheism, etc., at some point.

The All (also called The One, The Absolute, The Great One, The Creator, The Supreme Mind, The Supreme Good, The Father, and The Universal Mother) is the Hermetic, pantheistic or panentheistic view of God, which is that everything that is, or at least that can be experienced, collectively makes up The All.,d.cWc

So you are really gonna sit there and call "Reincarnation" a very logical theory?

This from someone who worships Satan as an actual embodiment of evil.

You can't be illogical, and then scream that others should be logical. Well, you can...obviously...since that's what you're doing. You just won't make any sense.
I like the idea of Reincarnation not being limited to the Earthly plane...and, like you said, encompassing the Entire Universe.

After all, if we are Spirit, we would not be confined to just one little rock orbiting one medium-sized very average star in one solar system of one galaxy out of hundreds-of-billions of others.

It always seemed sort of silly..people who claim past-life remembrances, saying they were, for example, a knight in King Arthur's court or an advisor to Cleopatra.

Why was nobody ever a garbageman in South Detroit? Or a slave of the Roman Army in 233 AD? LOL

Yes...the only possible version of Reincarnation that I could ever even think about entertaining would be comprised of the "Macro Model." In which the entire known-Universe was included. And I think our "cycles" would be in the form of different energy, or spiritual "levels" as opposed to merely being different humans living in different time periods here on the Third Rock.

I could foresee a spectrum of "Spirituality" for example, which would range from that of, say a rock, on one end, and then what we today term a "demi-god" or maybe even an "angel" or "spirit" on the other, which would not be constrained by either time nor space nor location.

Yes! The higher up the chain you would traverse, perhaps the more Freedom you would be imbued with. Freedom to travel wherever and visit whomever you liked. A sort of Astral Projection.

The higher we ascended in our Levels--the lest constrained we would be to following the Laws of Conventional Physics and Mathematical Laws.

Ironinc in a way...that in this sense Spirituality indeed surpasses science. Leaving science to be the rules of "the common man." Or the "lower level denizens."

This dynamic would also eradicate the need for a soul. Instead it could be just that that little spark we now refer to as the soul is just the kernel of the Larger Version of the Total Spirit that we could become.

Like the old acorn growing into a mighty Oak metaphor. put it in a less-mystical terms, I still think the explanation for all this would be able to be construed scientifically, having to do with a sort of "Opposite Entropy" thing, where order and power actually INCREASE in a given system. A physics analogy might be something along the lines of an electrical current, where the arc gets bigger and more powerful as the two electrodes are separated further apart. The latter half of that example being the expansion of our spirits throughout the Universe.

Of course, I would still have to work out what exactly determines our "level jumping?" If it is indeed our actions and behavior while here on Earth, then somehow the "karma" of that would have to "feed into" the whole "escalating power" results. This is where, for me personally, the biggest problem of logic comes into play. As we would have to reconcile morality with being an actual scientifically measurable entity.

As a mathematician, I would then further be compelled to wonder whether or not some sort of algorithm could be worked-out, which would, say, assign a sort of "measuring process" where our behavior, from divine to evil, could be measured, like measuring the voltage on an electrical wire.

Then this exponent could be plugged into the Macro World System and our next "placement" would be determined.

D>{1-10}..(L)= p--U/E X T.....

where..."D" equals "degree of morality" as expressed in energy level
over one's Lifetime (L)..and thus determines our subsequent placement "P" in the known Universe. (X) over time (T)
It's this All that Daemonolators might see as Satan or Lucifer. The All just encompasses everything, so as much as people might call them devil worshipers, it isn't quite the same thing. Plus, most of them don't subscribe to an Abrahamic view of Satan or Lucifer. It would be anathema to them.
(03-22-2015, 05:13 PM)Der Ankläger Wrote: ^^^^^

So you are really gonna sit there and call "Reincarnation" a very logical theory?

Do you realize that 98% of all biologists and neurologists and, hell, any type of discipline in the sciences would disagree with you?

The problem of the souls being supplied for a growing number of people was not answered.

Do you realize we have come very, very close to creating life from non-organic materials in the laboratory? By simulating conditions that wre thought to prevail 3.5 billion years ago when we began our journey as single celled amoebas in the warm, primordial ooze? True, we have not yet created DNA in the lab, but we HAVE created amino acids, which are the precursors of it. IN time we will get the DNA and rNA (messenger DNA) molecules.

Yes--as I said in a previous post; most things in nature are cyclical. But you cannot in all logic equate the "soul" with being a natural entity. Ity has never been measured, or even detected, and most neurologists--people who deal with homo sapien nervous systems all the time, in fact deny its existence and can offer scientific and physiological explanations for all of our sentient qualities. With brain-mapping technology and CT Imagary like PET scans we can even show you the part of your brain where you invented god. And we can, through electronic stimulation to the specific parts of your brain, replicate in you any emotion you wish: from anger to love to what some people call a god experience. The necessary mechanism to enable people to experience the symptoms they claim during NDE's can and have also been replicated and explained.

"Rocks into viruses?" LOL Who ever claimed such a thing? But a rock could indeed carry a virus which would, although inert at the time, would "come alive" once it passed into your system and began hijacking your cells so as to replicate and possibly killl you.

Evolution was no accident. It is based on trial and error, and needs no designer. "Replication-variation-selection." That is all it takes. And it takes a long time. Ifyou were to take a photograph of each generation of Man, beginning from our eukaryote days 3.5 billion years ago, and line those pics on top of each other, in a selection comprising from then until now, the stack of paper-thickness photos would be FOUR MILES HIGH!! That is how many generations: How many times you would have to say, "my great, great, great, great, etc."

And yes--you were wrong again is saying that order cannot come from chaos. It does all the time. Are you aware that EVERY genetic mutation which we underwent from our days as australopithecus afarensis seven million years ago (the first primate species that could be considered humanoid) was RANDOM? Yes..but if the mutation turned-out to be advantagous it was "adopted" or "selected" so pretty soon those that had it thrived and replicated until it was the norm.

Undesirable mutations were "selected out" as Evo Biologists say.

99% if ALL SPECIES that have ever existed on Earth are extinct. And homo sapien sapiens are the "last ape standing" our of about 27 or so species of homo. So in that regard we are special. And it all came form disorder.

The old adage that creationists who deny Evolution like to quote, "It is a law of thermodynamics that a disorder can only increase" is out of context and also simply a misquote.

That Law pertains to "closed systems" only. Ergo, not us and the Earth during Evolution, which was of course open and being fueled by the elements, like air, water, sunlight, carbon dioxide, carbon, etc.

OK--you probably have stopped reading by now. as many people just cannot handle the thought of a world with no need for a creator. But I have just tried to give you a very basic lesson in Evolutionary Biology. (which, btw, also needs no unproved and spurious method of "reincarnation" in order to function.)

You probably don't want to argue science with me. LOL--I am pretty well trained. And the vast, vast majority of professional scientists agree with all I have just told you.

But hell, who knows. maybe we are all wrong and YOU are privy to the inside scoop?



DA, you said reincarntion doesn't involve God?! that doesn't make sense.

And re-incarnation is quite logical to me, plus, you're gonna say neurologists don't agree with it, knowing that they still can't explain why we are only able to use a tiny fraction of our brains potential, and have not yet figured out why we need to sleep, you should also remember that not many ages ago, the scientists you are relying on to attack reincarnation's credibility, used to discredit what now they defend.

about the "shortage" of souls problem, it is clear you do not have an open mind, and you don't understand certain aspects of spirituality, and/or is not willing to understand what you don't believe (just like somebody else i know here in this forum), because, when you speak about souls and reincarnation you are only looking at it through the earth's immediate perspective, i mean, you should consider not just a small part of the cycle, you should ask yourself, we reincarnate, but after that "where do we go?", before now, "where did we come from?", there is obviously more to it than just "soul shortage", it's a much more complex system, there is certain myopia in your way to analyze this matter.

that said, i would like you to think about this for a second: reincarnation is a proccess, in which the reincarnated person advance morally by each time he/she reincarnates, so each reincarnation is a proccess of learning, you say there is no need for reincarnation, okay, but think about mankind since it's very beginning, i mean, today we have mass media and internet, but people were much worse than today, think about how people would often rape, kill, pillage, enslave and etc, and nowadays , you still have some of these things but it's not like the past, think about racism, it was much worse than now, think about the past of humankind, and i'm talking about details, like, people shiting on the street early in the morning in medieval times and it was cool, think about 10 year old kids working 14 hours a day in early industrial england and nobody gives a dadgum, or a slave working in the US cotton fields in early 19th century and it was ok, even if you say: "yeah but nowadays we have people like O.J. Simpson" or "kids work 16 hours i China to get 1 dollar a month" or "Syria is in a civil war", it's gonna be diffrent, because now people do care, today, people are often outraged when you tell them something like this, my main point is, we are advancing morally , and that is the consequence of reincarnation.
I do not think we know for sure but I am assuming a new soul is made when a child is concieved in the womb or if you believe in reincarnation an old soul being sent to your body when concieved. Also there are tens of thousands of galaxies in our universe so we are most likely not alone in the big sceme of things. If reincarnation is real I am thinking it is a choice and not everyone comes back in another life
To me, it seems that we are complicating what a "soul" actually is. When you take an independent concept (such as the soul) and you tie it, irrevocably, to the necessity of a supreme being (Ex.God), you now have to prove the existence of that supreme being in order to prove the existence of a soul.

It's too much work to have to do, and the jury is still out on, we can't be arguing about religion for something like this.

The soul depends on properly arguing the duality of life. Not arguing human life, necessarily, but life in general.

The notion is that life exists in a material sense and an immaterial sense. Do not confuse immaterial with "spiritual". The immaterial facet of life is simply the soul.

It is a LOT easier to argue for the existence of the soul from this stand-point. Aristotle did it, by tying an object's essence to what a "soul" is. Through this, he argued that everything, even the rocks and sand, has a soul. The soul of an object then becomes more complex with the increase in complexity of the object. An object with consciousness has a greater soul, through which we gain a moral duty towards. Finally, sentient beings have the greatest soul, through which we can be held morally accountable and also ought to be respected as holders of moral rights.

Through science and empiricism, we can weigh and quantify the material aspects of objects. However, science cannot and will never be able to quantify the soul, because it does not hold any materiality.

Thus, logic is the only way for us to understand the existence of a soul, and quality is the only attribute we can truly weigh.

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