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OBE as a child?
I've been wondering about this for a long time. I had what I think were two specific out of body experiences when I was a child, the first when I was 11 and the second 14. I always wondered if that's what they actually were.

The first time, I was asleep, and then suddenly I was floating out into the corridor and into my parents' room. Everything had an amazing clarity, really sharp and I felt extraordinarily light. I moved over to my parents' bed and saw a ball of light over my mum, who is very spiritual and involved in energy work. I left the room at the point, floated up to the ceiling of my own room, and saw myself asleep in bed. I can't remember the rest - ten long years ago!

The second time I was also asleep, and a similar thing happened. I was suddenly floating out into the corridor (I'd changed bedrooms so was on a completely different floor) and an even stronger sense of clarity overcame me. Everything was so, so bright and a sharp white light was shining in through the front door. I floated over to it, over to the garage door, back to the front door, and that's all I remember.

Both experiences were so similar, and haven't happened since - were they similar dreams or out of body experience? The remarkable thing about both was the clarity. I've never felt such lightness or focus.

Be careful; it sounds like your soul is a-wanderin'. Blueoh

You ought to take certain precautions so that it stays in your body like it's supposed to be and does not wander about unguarded when the active contol (or engagement) exerted by your mind shuts off for the night.

Silver will help. Wear silver rings, stud earrings, or bracelets to bed. I would recommend necklaces, but they can be a choking hazard. Silver will keep your soul grounded.

Also, a salt boundary around your bed, refreshed with rosemary and pepper. This should help keep you and your soul protected from influences that may seek to take advantage of the unwitting separations. It may also reinforce your will to keep your soul in your body.

A dream catcher hung above your bed should also help, especially if you are prone to nightmares. That is not the time for your soul to take flight. Also, if you have any religious pendants, amulets, totems, candles, etc. keep them nearby for protection.

A couple questions: are you especially prone to nightmares, especially night terrors? Are you a thrill seeker?

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