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I contacted my mother and myself from the future...
Does anyone on here know what this is or has anyone experienced anything like this? If someone can talk with me about this, it would be awesome.
I haven't. What makes you think this is what happened, if you don't mind my asking?
“Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn't go away.” ~Philip K. Dick

Yes, as scarygirl67 said, could you give us some more information on why you think that you have met yourself and your mother from the future please? My reason for the question, is that I believe (just my opinion) that you might have experienced something of a paranormal nature, but other than meeting them 'from the future.'

I found your post intriguing, and extremely interesting, but right now I simply do not have the time to reply in as much detail as I would like to; but I will try to do so later today, or over the weekend. Smile
Yep, it would be helpful if you could flesh this out a bit more.
Okay, the first incident occurred when I was 17 years old, in 1995. I was still living at home with my mom. I was out on the front porch waiting for a friend to pick me up. My mother opened the door and asked me where I had been. I said, "right here" and she told me that some one had just called the house that sounded exactly like me and told her, "Hey , its me. I wrecked the car but I'm alright, everything is alright-I will see you soon." She was really shaken up. I kind of laughed it off and told her that I had been sitting here all the while. This was before cell phones were ever present everywhere. So this incident by itself would normally not have riled me but, within the next few weeks two different girls that I went to school with, neither of whom I was particularly close with, both told me they had the same dream about me. The dream was this: I was sitting in a parking lot in the driver's seat of a red car that was all smashed up and crying. I didn't have a red car then. However, my mother bought me a red car for high school graduation which approximately year later, I crashed, Thus, prompting a 3am phone call to my mother in which I said, "Ma its me. I had a wreck. I'm alright. Everything is alright. I will see you soon."
So that was the first one.

This same sort of thing happened again only the second time it was a bit different. I was on the toilet with my house phone. I don't remember why I had the phone on the toilet but I did. So it rings and the caller id reads that it is my cell phone. I thought one of my kids had my phone out in the living room. I answered it fully expecting one of my children and instead, my own voice said "Hello? Hello? Hello?" I was flabberghasted. I just sat there staring at the phone in my hand. When I finally got up I decided I imagined the whole ordeal. I went out to the bedroom and there was my phone on the bed. I looked at it and sure enough the last number dialed was my house number. So...

Anyone have any clue wth happened there?

I am not sure why I think that it was me contacting myself but I just do. The first time it happened to my mother. When I was a little girl she would always come and find me and say,"what? I heard you calling me?" and I had never called her. But this second time, I don't know. I also had an incident in which I was about to do something, very dangerous by choice and this voice-not my own-boomed out "if you do this, it will change your life!" I listened and didn't do it. I physically heard this voice. It was not threatening, just matter of fact and concise. Anyone else?

Ah, right, mairedubgal; I must apologize then, for my first post in your thread. Your OP led me to surmise, quite incorrectly, that you meant that you had traveled back in time with your mother from somewhere in the distant future, not in this lifetime. Therefore, my first theory as to what had happened went completely out the window. lol

A very interesting post, and I have no clue as to what these experiences could be all about. I do hope that you can find some answers here tho... Smile

There are so many theories on time. My husband and I were talking about how we perceive colors. We don't see them the same, we discovered. The same goes for foods. I think people actually see colors and things different, as well as time different.

Many wonderful theories on time. Scientist state that time could be past, present and future are happening at the same time. Some say that our futures have already happened. Some say we live in a parallel universe (we are living the same life, but different in another dimension)...and some say that time actually does not exist. If you ever hear about people who have died and came back to life, they always say very similar things like.... they were gone in another world for hours, even though they had only lost vital signs for minutes. A lot of people wonder why their prayers are not answered in their time......I believe it's because we perceive time different from God. Time is an illusion. Even Einstein theory of relativity states "space and time were interwoven into a single continuum known as space-time. Events that occur at the same time for one observer could occur at different times for another"

I believe that we have to have a material way to measure time while we are in physical bodies. My father died a few years ago, and in a meditation, he spoke to me about time. He said that where he is he can "be everywhere (meaning past, present, future) simultaneously". All he had to do was think about a person, place or incident and bam there he was. I was. I recognized my self as myself with the phone call. I knew on some deep intuitive level that I was just fooling around for shits and giggles where ever my "self" was. I guess asking "why" this happens would be more appropriate but, as with many supernatural anomalies, why is futile.
Do you think the phone call where you answered yourself was you fom the future? If so, do you think you'll have to call yourself later to complete the time loop, like what happened with your mom and the car crash, or do you think it won't matter if you do?
Your point of view is sacred, because you're the only one who has it.
(02-08-2015, 03:08 AM)NotaPenguin Wrote: Do you think the phone call where you answered yourself was you fom the future? If so, do you think you'll have to call yourself later to complete the time loop, like what happened with your mom and the car crash, or do you think it won't matter if you do?

That's a very interesting point into the anomaly NotaPenguin; it gives one pause for thought certainly. I do tend to go along with mairedubgal and Ajna's chains of thought to some degree.

mairedubgal saying that her husband and she see colors differently, aligns with an anomaly that myself and a member of my immediate family often disagree on, and we frequently have friendly verbal jousts on what color a certain object is; neither of us are color blind, but still we differ on the colors.

Scientists do indeed say that there are several other parallel universes, and I posted a link to this from a BBC documentary in another thread here, on that very subject.

Ever since I can remember, even as a toddler, I have spoken with my great great grandfather in dreams, and he has quite a few times mention the anomaly of time being past present and future in his world, and that only we think of time as linear. And even Einsteins theories, particularly in relativity, are being questioned now by scientists, but that doesn't mean that he was wrong necessarily.

A fascinating thread on a controversial subject... 'Time' is an enigma to us still.

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