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I contacted my mother and myself from the future...
I had wrote myself a message on a piece of paper that I keep in a box that I will always keep. The message directs me to "visit" me at my address on a written date and time. While I was writing the message I wrote the time for a few minutes in the future to give myself time to be ready for the situation if anything were to happen. I had wrote 5:04 AM and it was 5:02 AM. As soon as my phone hit 5:04 AM, a notification appeared stating that somebody tried to access my Facebook account. I looked into it further to see if there were any new messages, or if there was any trace of if it were actually me. But all I found is that it was attempted in the philipines using Google Chrome on a Windows 8 OS, and I live in the USA. So I can understand a coincidence is possible, but to me it is so improbable, especially because of the exact time, so I believe it was me showing that I did receive the message in the future.
Your story intrigued me I do have to say. I believe in all sorts of things. I have a very open mind. I love reading about odd stories like this.
(02-07-2015, 05:00 PM)Ajna Wrote: There are so many theories on time. My husband and I were talking about how we perceive colors. We don't see them the same, we discovered. The same goes for foods. I think people actually see colors and things different, as well as time different.

Many wonderful theories on time. Scientist state that time could be past, present and future are happening at the same time. Some say that our futures have already happened. Some say we live in a parallel universe (we are living the same life, but different in another dimension)...and some say that time actually does not exist. If you ever hear about people who have died and came back to life, they always say very similar things like.... they were gone in another world for hours, even though they had only lost vital signs for minutes. A lot of people wonder why their prayers are not answered in their time......I believe it's because we perceive time different from God. Time is an illusion. Even Einstein theory of relativity states "space and time were interwoven into a single continuum known as space-time. Events that occur at the same time for one observer could occur at different times for another"

This is an excellent answer. In fact I believe these types of incidents are becoming more frequent and and further reaching than ever before. Some of us find ourselves in a world we never knew before. I have recently been shown this reality.


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