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Negative energy radiating in my bedroom? Voodoo?
About a year ago I moved into a beautiful, spacious mid-century apartment that I fell in love with. I am fairly sensitive to entities-energies, etc. but have had no experiences in this apartment at all what-so-ever until recently.

In the last six months, I have been dating an individual who cannot stand to stay at my house because he claims he senses extremely negative energy in my room. I can honestly say that every single time we stay at my house, he has night terrors and wakes up in a panic, as well as experiences extreme feelings of sorrow, anxiety, and self doubt and self-loathing. He generally sleeps very still in one spot, but tosses and turns in my bed and has even rolled off onto the floor. He claims like he feels that something aggressive wants him to leave. He does not experience this discomfort anywhere else in my house aside from my room, and does not experience this sort of turmoil anywhere else we sleep. I however, do not feel the same energy he experiences, although my room is the one room in my house that I can say I have been unable to completely get comfortable or settled in.

Prior to dating my boyfriend, I had a casual relationship with an individual that later admitted to a friend of mine that he practiced voodoo. He said he had noticed that I had many articles around my house that led him to believe I was a witch (understandably; I've dabbled in the last decade but have not practiced in a serious manner in a long while. I do however, have several alter-like arrangements in my house.) which she expressed he seemed distressed about it, and admitted that he left three pennies above my bed, and mentioned something about "summoning" which I didn't get any details on because my friend thought it was hilarious. I hadn't noticed until my friend told me but I found the three pennies on a shelf above my bed, and they were placed directly above where my head would be when I sleep. The pennies were configured in a triangular fashion; the top and bottom left were tails, and the bottom right was on the heads. It disturbed me a little, I left them there for a while because I stopped talking to this man and was unable to find any insight or information on what this means, and eventually disposed of them (without touching them), and scattered them away from my house. I've tried to ignore the possibilities of this affecting my life or having any real significance but I can't help but feel a little strange about the torment the new man in my life feels in the very room that my former lover and I stayed in, as well as found the penny charm in.

I know it sounds far fetched but I really do wonder if it has any correlation.
Any thoughts on the pennies? Any ideas for purging my room of this energy regardless of what is causing this negativity? Any similar situations? Any insight is helpful.. Its hard to talk about this without sounding totally bat-stuff. [/align]
It truly is affecting my relationship and well-being.
Move your bed to another spot in the room, see if that makes a difference. He maybe emf sensitive. You can have it checked by an emf meter or you can go old school and use a cheap am radio. Now this video shows many things that cause emf but where you should be concerned is with lights off like you sleep.
Belief bias occurs when we make illogical conclusions in order to confirm our preexisting beliefs. Belief perseverance refers to our tendency to maintain a belief even after the evidence we used to form the belief is contradicted.
If you can't find any information or insight into what the pennies represent, that's probably because there's nothing special about them. Knowing you mess around with witchcraft, he could've easily put them there in some fashion that appears to have a purpose just to yank your chain. Looks like it worked to me.
'A phantom,' said my Uncle Mycroft, who had just materialised, 'is essentially a heteromorphic wave pattern that gains solidity when the apparition converts thermal energy from the surroundings to visible light. It's a fascinating process and I'm amazed no one has thought of harnessing it - a holographic TV that could operate from the heat given off by an average-size guinea pig.' ~ First Among Sequels, Jasper Fforde
Why do you have several altar's in your house? How many is that, by the way? How many Gods/Goddesses did you pay homage to? Is one of the Spirit Gods jealous and is scaring the new boyfriend off?

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