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How did the childhood classmate die?

The thing that gets me in all the Black-Eyed Kid (BEK) stories is that they approach people who are alone, so no one really knows what happens when you let them in... anyone who saw the BEK and let them in wouldn't, in theory, be alive to say it was a BEK. So if a person was found murdered or dead... maybe it was written off as suicide? That unknown aspect makes them pretty mysterious... and I think that's what makes those stories "scary".

Then again, maybe they give great foot massage or cook a good meal and we're all missing out on something good... If I see a BEK, I'll have to ask.
I am still unsure about the BEKs. Last night I read quite a few encounters with them that were blogged. They all seem to have a similar theme. BEKs ask permission to enter a dwelling or auto, and the feeling of dread/fear.

I have never heard of anything evil or demonic asking permission for entry. Evil just attacks. If BEKs do exist, which I am unsure, they might be some form of Extraterrestrial.

Do not know if this story is true, but this one stuck with me.
(07-24-2009, 11:59 AM)jadewik Wrote: Then again, maybe they give great foot massage or cook a good meal and we're all missing out on something good... If I see a BEK, I'll have to ask.

Sorta like a house elf. (watching too much HP lately)
People are like stained-glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in their true beauty is revealed only if there is light from within. ~Elisabeth Kübler-Ross
Interesting, this is new to me. Thanks Alpha, I think I'll look into this more. Smile
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Dragon wizard <--BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR.. it may not always be what you need..

Free your mind and the rest will follow....
I've written a few articles on this BEK phenomenon. I've also found something called "Sclera Lenses" which are contact lenses that do cover the entire eyeball. Naturally, these lenses make the entire eye appear totally black, particularly where the whites of the eyes normally are visible. Photos I've found of wearers with the lenses in do, indeed, look frightening. I think these were originally developed for theatre and movie special effects.

Now, I'm not entirely convinced just yet that cases of BEK encounters are a bunch of kids running around with Sclera Lenses...

1) They're very expensive - too expensive for 10 year olds to get hold of easily
2) Gaining Sclera lenses often (not always? I know there are ways to obtain hard to get things) require a medical prescription
3) These lenses don't explain the dread felt before a witness ever sees the full face of a 'kid' described as a BEK
4) The dread (addition to point 3) and apparent feeling of a violated personal space described in most BEK encounters I've read is described as definitely a disruption or violation of personal space and this feature of the encounter shouldn't happen if nothing is amiss in the first place. The dread/fear seems to precede the timing when people notice the black eyes of the individuals in the encounter
5) The most notable eyewitnesses are 2 or 3 people who've not been described as 'flighty' people. Most notably - (a) female business/apartment manager ("Tee") adept at meeting new people, working alone and guiding new/prospective tenants of all sorts around an apartment complex - and she was so unnerved during her encounter that she refused to even speak further with a person (male youth, approx 17 years old) later described as a BEK...she shut the door and put that barrier between the BEK and herself.
(b) newspaper/magazine journalist, Brian Bethel - the one who posted the original BEK experience to his newsgroup - the article that has been copied and pasted all over the 'net.

I'm not arguing for or against the existence of BEKs at this point...just still sorting out details - but I thought I should post on what I've found out on these Sclera Lenses - maybe someone else can help pick up this little point of research!

Just because an 'apparent' answer ie: the sclera lenses - seems to point to something - doesn't mean that people shouldn't investigate fully into whether or not these BEK sightings are, indeed, the acts of children wearing these lenses.

If the BEK phenomena is not answered by the existence and increasingly widespread use of these lenses, we still have more investigation to do, in my opinion. If we find out that there are practical jokers out there using these lenses to frighten people, then we can lay this paranormal oddity to rest. Asking more questions and finding just a little more information before making conclusions can have an effect both ways.
Here are some youtube vids with admitted black sclera contact wearers: ("Break Stuff" tune in the background) *thumbsup* someone taking off another pair of contacts, keeping the sclera lens underneath - the effect is awesome but might make some people squeamish! Looks like she has taken out her eye - but it's just the sclera lens underneath take note of the cost he mentions in this vid, the whites of the eye are invisible at times with the right amount of eye movement
BEK stories MIGHT pre-date the invention of the modern Sclera Lenses. In fact, modern flexible contacts for eyes with astigmatism aren't that old either. Maybe 10-15 years old. Brian Bethel's story was sent on (approximately) Friday, Jan 16th 1998... which fits into that range. MAYBE... MAYBE he saw BEK's... maybe he saw some people testing some Sclera Lenses.

Sclera Lenses, as mentioned above are expensive. They can range in price from $200 a pair to $1200/ea. (I know this because my husband wants some that are mirrored lenses-- not black.) I HIGHLY recommend not purchasing such lenses unless you're required to provide a prescription. Putting non-prescription lenses in your eye may damage your eyes. You also run the risk of damaging your eyesight if you do not put the lens in your eye correctly, keep the lens clean or let your eye get dried out. (I've heard of eyeballs getting stuck to contacts when people are trying to take them off.)

Website where my fave TV show, Supernatural, buys their Sclera Lenses:

Some stories mention things other than the eyes... so is it the creep factor-- people getting "creeped out" by the black eyes-- or do BEK's really exist?
You know, I was going to try reading that article with an open mind, but when I saw the "sub title" of their blog, I closed it. Anyone who is "out to annoy stupid people" isn't but a step up from the stupid people and merely seek to take advantage of that one step.

I read about the BEKs not long after that story appeared online. I will admit the story Brian told gave me the creeps, big time. Is it true? I don't know. I've searched for other similar tales and came across a handful of stories, but mostly of adults with black eyes. Maybe in the end, it's not something we're supposed to understand.
I dont know but BEK's are intriguing.
Another "black-eyed person" story appears in this month's True Tales on I always knew there was something freaky about Wal-Mart. LOL

Quote:My mom and I love reading through all the stories on this site and tonight we came across one that we can really relate to. It was about seeing a black-eyed man in Wal-Mart in Missouri. We live in Missouri, too, and maybe about 70 miles from where this took place. We also saw a black-eyed man in Wal-Mart. It was in Eureka, Missouri; we live only about 10 minutes away.

It was last summer and we had been shopping and heading for the front to check out when this spectacularly tall man passed us going the other way. I looked at his face and freaked out because his eyes were all black and he was just creepy. My mom never looked at his face because she was riveted to his legs. His knees, according to her, were on backward! She said they were kind of like a bird's legs. I started to cry because he was so scary and my mom said I shouldn't make such a fuss over someone's deformities. When I told her it was his eyes that I was crying about, she was sort of miffed that she missed them.

That's it, but there's one more thing that may or may not be connected. Another day we were at Wal-Mart and had left and were heading home. Well, you have to drive right in front of Six Flags to get on the highway and the one lane turns into two on the turn to the highway. We were making the turn when all of a sudden this car with government plates cuts right in front of us, cutting us off. My mom cussed them and called them a bad name -- and this is the creepy part. The two men in the front seat both turn around at the same time and look right at us. Their faces were not normal. They looked like melted plastic. I am so scared just writing this. I can still see them so clearly. Their chins and necks seem to almost run over the collars of their white shirts. They could have been really creepy masks, but that doesn't make any sense. We couldn't believe it and my mom sped up so we could get another look. Well, they weren't having any of that, and the more we sped up the more they did, too. When we were doing about 85 miles an hour on Hwy 44, they pulled ahead and left us in their dust. We went home and told my dad, but he didn't buy any of this story. But I swear it is the total truth.

yuckyy ~ knees on backwards? how did she see that...must've been wearing shorts. . .yeah, that'd be fairly creepy.
They could both be explained somehow probably~but,
thats weird that the BEK-like people were in a government car. . .
that reminded me of aliens. lol~and, I have heard of BEKs being
alien so of course that'd pop into my head.
"To really ask is to open the door to the whirlwind.
The answer may annihilate the question and the questioner."
Just stumbled upon this thread. I wrote an article for my website on the BEKs a while back and found the topic intriguing.

I did manage to find one account of someone letting them in (against his instincts) and apparently during the horrific encounter, was told that the guy was to be "collected". It was originally posted on, but the link I had doesn't seem to work. Basically the guy let them in and then noticed that their eyes were strange. He then became overwhelmed by a sense of dread and one of the two BEKs he invited into his home asked if "everythink ok?". The witness became very dizzy and the boys approached to say that they had come to collect him. He ran and hid in a room, before emerging a few hours later to an empty house, of which he fled.

The whole situation does sound terrifying. Obviously I don't know whether or not there is any truth in the subject or in any of the stories surrounded with people who supposedly encounter them. As typical with my articles, I cover both all the normal reasons I can come across (and scleral contact lenses did crop up - as did a host of natural eye conditions...kinda helps when I work at an eye hospital as an ophthalmic photographer...), as well as the paranormal reasonings behind it.

Misperception, ethinicity (many reports say the BEKs have an olive coloured skin, generally meaning more pigment in their bodies, leading to darker iris and eyes, leading to misperception of having completely black eyes), mass hysteria and a hoax were the main reasons I can think of. On paranormal terms, I more than certainly think this is one to do with extraterrestrial life, rather than ghosts, demons or a new cryptid. However, upon reading the OP, I may have to re-think this idea. It could be that an ET may have known that the person they were visiting woul recognise that face and let them in...

Curious now to find out more...thank-you for this. It will make working my clinic this afternoon all the more interesting thinking about them.

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