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Possible Cures for Sleep Paralysis
I wanted to bump this because its a good thread and there is this one site I order tea from and I got a new catalogue today featuring a a tea with Holy Basil, Matcha{highest antioxident tea I know}, Biodynamic Chamomile{good for sleep}, and lavender{not sure on any confirmed benefits but the smell is often used in relaxation}

I hate Chamomile so Im probably not going to order any, maybe for my friend. Mine had a sample of one with Matcha, Echinacea, Elder, Ginger, and Blackberry leaves called Immunity. I can let you guys know how that goes.

Normally I try to drink Elderberry tea every morning. I drink Matcha{powder} tea in spurts, I also use it for baking. Ginger is one of my favorite spices. So I lucked out on getting the one thats a fusion of what I like, lol. PG tips is where its at for Black tea for me, other then that I hit local places for what I can get local.
I probably have 15-20 types of tea in house at any given time.

*I can't guarantee what you will get, but if you sign up for a catalogue they send you free tea samples every few months with a catalogue. And usually they send samples out with orders. My best friend may be uber cheap and just signed up to get occasional free tea bags Big Grin.
"Studies Show...Intelligent girls are more depressed, because they know what the world is really like.....She knows in society she's either a Devil or an Angel with no in between. She speaks in the third person, so that she can forget that she's me." ~Emily Autumn
(03-18-2015, 12:31 PM)nawal Wrote: Sleep paralysis isn't an illness, it is a gift, a gateway to the most amazing oniric experiences, from that state we can get out of our bodies and explore the wonders of the astral plane, or transform them in vivid lucid dreams. I have sleep paralysis sometimes, and I am always waiting to the next time so I can explore the magical world of consciousness.
Is like if you say that babies are sick because they don't know how to talk and you pretend to "cure" them muting their voice, better to teach them how to talk.
There are techniques to transform sleep paralysis into wonderful lucid dreams, but if we "cure" them, then say goodbye to those possibilities.

I agree with this statement whole heartedly. For me personally it is a goal to experience this fully, I won't go into my experiences right now but I do know that SP can be a terrifying experience for people who are unable to control their emotions well. Also some are not interested in exploring the possibility of astral travel so it is important to keep that in mind as well.

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