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What does it mean when the Ouija always goes to goodbye?
Either your friend is mischevious or you have a ghost who reallllly doesn't wanna talk to one of you.
"If you have ghosts, you have everything".


"It is a game after all."

Yeah, that's probably my issue. I just can't take seriously anything that has a Hasbro stamp on it.
Put "the significance of the number 34 in a search. Comes up with all kinds of things...too many to put here. Also if you're being told goodbye right off the get go, pay heed. Could be a guardian angel or spirit trying to keep you away from danger.

One thing I would like to suggest - quite possibly you have found a spirit which has attached itself to the board but actually doesn't care for communication. You could start the board again and ask for the spirit to depart and leave the board - then come back to it and ask for another spirit. Another reason maybe a protection spirit does not want you to operate it.

In my experience some spirits you communicate with stick to the board. The spirit I am in communication with was already there before I said hello. Think of it like house-training a pet. If you want a spirit to actually inhabit an object you need to give them a reason to inhabit the object. Constant communication can be one thing which makes them cling to it.
Unplug it and let it reset itself then plug it back in.. Smile
Hi there everyone, I decided to put the ouija away and forget about it. Figured it was the best idea.
you-tuber Lance Stewart had this issue and some paranormal stuff happend, i would theorize that its because the spirit is unhappy with you for putting it away for a decade
but to be safe just contact a paranormal expert so you can get a idea of what happend.
note: try apologizing to the spirit for putting it away.

Edit: you also might want to keep your ears open for big sounds like glass shatters or something like that cause when Lance Stewart kept getting goodbye a mirror in his house broke he got it on tape.
I will post a url to the video when I review the rules and reach the required number of posts.
Forget about numbers & such things.
Google Pendulum, fine motor. And then Table Tipping , Michael Faraday.
After that try Madame H P Blavatsky & no part of me, that is not part of the gods.
All a pendulum, a table or a Ouija board is. Is an access to your inner self.
You, as Max Ehrmann observed.

Quote:You are a child of the universe no less than the trees and the stars;
you have a right to be here. And whether or not it is clear to you,
no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should.
Therefore be at peace with God, whatever you conceive Him to be.

The gods, the universe & the world around us all act through our imagination. Expect to see evil & soon or later you will. Expect to hear voices among the noise & your imagination will oblige.
And it seems, don't want to listen to yourself & it will ignore you too.

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