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Your Sixth Sense
Perhaps a link to the news story? After all shootings on cruise ships should be found on the web.
Belief bias occurs when we make illogical conclusions in order to confirm our preexisting beliefs. Belief perseverance refers to our tendency to maintain a belief even after the evidence we used to form the belief is contradicted.
No there was no follow up that I was aware of. There was another similar situation. Again a dream. I was running towards the exit of a mine shaft that exited onto a hillside. The sort of mine that went into the side of a hill with a series of fire doors along its flat path. a rail track was laid right through the mine so that wagons of coal? could be easily brought into the open to be loaded onto a freight train. Well I was a miner running for the exit as there were explosions occurring behind me and blowing through the fire doors. I was aware that I had to run for my life as the impact was travelling towards me faster than I could run. I remember the panic and when I finally reached the final firedoor and out into the fresh air , I took a side step to the right as the explosion went straight ahead. Again I told my husband and he said "Not again" On the news that same day was the shot of the explosion in an American pit in Pennsylvania. I saw a man escape by the skin of his teeth as he burst out into the open and ran to his right.
On these 2 examples. Would you say you seen into the futher or as it actually happening? Do you feel like you were supposed to pray for these people?
Are you sure don't dream of these things then find a story to fit it? Not hard to do.
Belief bias occurs when we make illogical conclusions in order to confirm our preexisting beliefs. Belief perseverance refers to our tendency to maintain a belief even after the evidence we used to form the belief is contradicted.
0 ye of little faith. Your time will surely come
Intheblaze. Taking into account the time differences I would say I was experiencing them as they were happening not an action replay.
My husband had a weird premonition once. It was when we were dating. He was living in England at the time, traveling to the US for a lot of the year, but going back and forth. He phoned me from England one afternoon and said, "We either need to get married and start that process now, or it might be a long time before we can." By this time, I knew he was psychic, and I knew better than to just ignore this.

I asked him what was he talking about. He said that there was going to be a huge event. He said it was like a war, but not a war. But it would keep us from being together much because this event would stop fiance visas and make travel more tricky. He told me he knew if we didn't start the wheels rolling immediately, we would miss the window.

He said in this case, he knew this one was serious and real. So, we took the precautions of getting things started. Lots of paperwork and all sorts of hoops to jump through.

It wasn't long after that 9/11 happened. He was coming home from work on a train, and he saw people crying. He didn't know why. But when he saw the news, he realized. But the funny thing was, he didn't recognize the event as the one he told me about at first. I had to ask him, was this what your premonition was about? He said, maybe. Might be.

So, he wasn't sure. He had never seen details of the actual event, only that it was like a war, but not a war.

But when he finally came in on that fiance visa, the immigration guys at Pittsburgh airport remarked that this was going to be one of the last ones of those coming through for a while because they had frozen them indefinitely.

Ten years ago my daughter was going to go to Unawatuna in Sri Lanka over Christmas. Something made her cancel her trip . On boxing day there was a tsunami that flattened the village. The huts were flimsy, no windows just a screen . They did not stand a chance. A few years later, in June 2007 she was washed away from her kitchen in Yorkshire as a wall of water swept through the glass doors and carried her away through a narrow low roofed alley way tearing down all doors in the way , and carrying her at breakneck speed out into the garden and washing away a hundred year old dry stone wall and depositing her in a field which ,luckily was several feet lower than her bungalow. She managed to stand up and saw a family of ducks following through the back door. What do you read into this? Just coincidence I would say but who knows?
Well, Lilypad, it seems your whole family has had many ducks and near misses!
We all have a 6th sense,especially parents.We as parents know when something is wrong with our children,grown or not.They don't have to be in your presence.You just know,so does that make us crazy?How about twins they same to be awfully close.When something is off or wrong,they know,are they crazy to?Just my thoughts.
(12-23-2014, 05:02 PM)UglyNRude Wrote: The job of the conscious mind is to form a story out of all our sensations and reflections. Life as we experience it is not just a series of unconnected thoughts and events; it's a coherent narrative unfolding in an orderly universe. But sometimes we have experiences that don't fit our expectations and may even contradict what science has taught us is possible. In our attempts to accommodate such outlier phenomena, we often turn to unproven forces or entities. We start to believe in the paranormal.

Anomalous experience of this sort ranges from sensing a strange vibe in a room to feeling outside your own body. We often explain such experiences using concepts related to spirits, luck, witchcraft, psychic powers, life energy, or more terrestrial (and extraterrestrial) entities. Such explanations are often more appealing, or at least more intuitive, than blaming an odd experience on a trick of the mind.

I can agree that he overwhelming vast majority of "paranormal" events are false. That is one reason why I strive to make sure that any evidence collected is rigorously weighed before added it to any kind of conclusion.

So I agree in the broad sense but there is evidence (albeit very rare) of phenomenon unexplained. These cases are strange cases that should be focused on and any evidence collected should be thrown out if it is not solid.

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