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Sleep Paralysis, or OBE, or Just crazy.?
Hello, how are you? Blue Cat
Okay, so at night, when I am dreaming, like, regular, vivid picture dreams, something happens. Everything goes black, then my body goes into hardcore sleep paralysis, I cant move, speak, or do anything (at times). The weird thing is, while this is happening.It feels like I am awake. It feels like I'm in between realms. Most of the time when this happens, I feel like something, is there with me.

When it happens, I am somewhere else, I'm always laying down(At times, I am standing), and it's like, I'm inside my body, but somewhere else, because my body, in this realm or wherever I go, is sort of solid, it feels real. (It feels like I am inside of a shell, in some other place, an isolated place). This being, that is there with me, usually never shows itself, it's always behind me, and usually, it makes everything pitch black, sometimes it will even touch me, like poke my ear, and do little things like that.

The other night, before I went to bed, I was a bit aggravated, because this was happening, and I did not know what was going on, so I asked him, this being, who he was.Asking him, took a lot out of me, because even in that realm, I can't speak, so first, I started out by exhaling through my mouth, then after doing so, I pushed the words through my lips. After I asked, I just woke up.

So then, last night, I was dreaming, normally, then the same thing happened, my body went into sleep paralysis, and right when things were becoming pitch black, I heard a muffled, male voice, say something, but I couldn't comprehend. So, I then decided that I wanted to leave this place, I was a bit scared. I fought hard to get back, then I woke up.

Tonight, if this happens, I plan to turn around. I must also add, that at times, when things go black, sometimes, I see colorful abstract images, they are a bit blurred, but I do see them, other times, it all remains pitch black. I don't really have much control over things. I mentioned before that this guy, touches me, I sleep with a hair bonnet on my head, an in this realm, this guy, will, take it off, and it feels, so, real, that when I wake up, I expect it to be off, but it's till on my head. Also, at times, I feel like, I flying, falling, really quickly, and while doing so, this being is holding onto me, and doing this to me.

What is happening to me?
Also for the past few night it hasn't been doing anything, but I can feel eyes on me, also, I have not been sleeping through the night.
I'm not clear about this. Did you mean that while you are standing up awake you experience these things?

"I'm always laying down(At times, I am standing),"

If you are standing in the dream, then this could very well be a case of sleep paralysis. What you need to do is to clarify what state you're in when this occurs. If you are either drifting into sleep or just waking, then you might be pretty safe in assigning this to sleep paralysis.

Here is a good video series about it. David Hufford is a researcher who has spent his career examining this phenomenon. He is pretty interesting. Oddly, there is often an entity aspect to these things. Whether it is hypnagogic or there is actually something there is up for debate. But it's a common element reported all over the world.

Have you spoke to a Dr.about this?Also have you suffered from any head trauma,brain injury,mental illness?This maybe a contributing factor.Just curious keep us posted.

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